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More grumbling about lousy coding

© October 2009 Anthony Lawrence

Just now I tried to leave a comment at one of the sites in my RSS reader. Initially, I was happy to see that it is one of those sites that try to let you authenticate with whatever you want: Typepad, MovableType, OpenID, Facebook - pretty much anything. Great, I thought, I'll use OpenID.

The authentication failed. Wonderful - I tried Facebook. That failed too. One more time, how about Google Blogger? Nope..

Does anybody bother to TEST their code? I *know* OpenID did what it is supposed to do - the problem is back with the PHP/Javascript at the original site. That's where the disconnect is.

Of course it's possible - all too possible - that it's my fault for not using a Microsoft browser on a Microsoft operating system. Let me just say this: I don't want to leave a comment badly enough to start up VMware - especially as it might not be the actual issue.

Arrgh. Does the site have any "Contact" info so that I can at least notify them of this foolishness? Of course not. Nor would I expect that to help - they are plainly using a off-the-rack blogging system. 99% of the time the people using those things don't know a thing about what lies beneath.

Sometimes I do pine for the days when a certain amount of computing competence was necessary to even get access to the vast Internet. It would be a lot less vast Internet were that still the case, but then again conversations would be much more intelligent.

Too much to ask for, so I can only close with "No comment". Not because I didn't wish to comment, but because your software doesn't work.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> More grumbling about lousy coding


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Mon Oct 12 22:11:08 2009: 7210   TonyLawrence

I hate to leave Microsoft out - they are really too easy: (link)

Tue Oct 13 02:11:41 2009: 7215   NickBarron

Nowadays nothing is done properly anymore.

Mechanics are now technicians, workmen are now unskilled and just bolt on replacement bits... What happened to the old days of doing a job properly or being skilled in your area of expertise.

I should stop being a fool and wake up to how the world is, but it doesn't mean I am happy about how it is.

I will admit I have been taking a great degree of enjoyment about this whole Danger/MS SAN failure ;)

Tue Oct 13 11:45:47 2009: 7218   TonyLawrence

More about Microsoft's internal struggles with Sidekick: (link)

Special quote:

In response to comments that have characterized the story of Microsoft bungling Danger and Pink as too ridiculous to be true, the source wrote, no one really grasps how dysfunctional Microsoft has become. Yes Microsoft did spend half a billion dollars for, as near as anyone can tell, absolutely nothing. Not exactly the first time. Asserting that its a ridiculous supposition is in no way disproving it.

Doesn't that just make you all warm and happy? It gets better - the article describes how Microsoft's haste to rid itself of the Oracle database that was the original back end here probably contributed to the failure.

Well worth the time to read.

Tue Oct 13 11:52:44 2009: 7219   NickBarron

That was the article from Dan I originally read.

It did make oh so happy.


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