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Programming the Turk?

Wikipedia says "The Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is one of the suite of Amazon Web Services, a crowdsourcing marketplace that enables computer programs to co-ordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks which computers are unable to do".

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Understanding Perl's map function  
- Understanding Perl's underappreciated map function - basic usage and examples -

Amazon Echo SDK  
- Amazon Echo now has a SDK - develop your own functions for private or public use -

Perl directory listing  
- Learning Perl basics to produce 'pretty' directory listing with 'File::Find'.: A "pretty" or custom directory listing is a good place to start developing your scripting skills if you want to. -

When bad things happen to good computers   2013/07/31 TonyLawrence
- Computers are usually very reliable, sometimes running for decades with no attention. On the other hand, sometimes bad things happen.. -

What does 'everything is a file' really mean?  
- Everything is a file? How ridiculous: is a horse a file? How about a pitcher of beer dumped over the nearest Unix geek's head - is THAT a file? -

Perl Profiling with Devel::NYTProf  
- I don't think I have ever used a profiler on my own code. The reasons are simple: I don't write much that is very complicated, so any bottlenecks are usually rather easy to spot. Most of what I do is ad hoc and limited use anyway, so speed is seldom a consideration. -

Perl Date::Manip for date validation  
- Validating dates can be tricky, but Date::Manip makes it easy (at the cost of a little speed). -

KCMENU (Kevin Clark's menu generator) in Perl  
- Translate old kcmenu files to Perl scripts - a simple Perl based menu script. -

Slightly Scrambled - unsorting a file   2011/04/05 TonyLawrence
- Here is a typical way to approach the problem. It uses Perl's associative arrays and (somewhat ironically) uses -

Snarling Panda site cleanup  
- The problem is "low value content". That's tough to define absolutely, but some pages here definitely fall into that category -

SpamCheetah as it stands today  
- SpamCheetah is a greylisting spam control technique and it is more of a spam blocker rather than a spam filter since it really does not filter anything. -

Smarter HTML Link Extractor   2011/07/20 TonyLawrence
- Checking links is not really hard; you can actually do it with just a few lines of Perl. -

Locking files for shared access  
- Multiple users require some sort of mechanism to give exclusive access to data. It's trivial to demonstrate advisory locking with Perl. -

Choice of programming language in today's computing world  
- Generally it is thought that programming languages can do anything that is thrown at it. This is not true. Programming languages have their strengths and weaknesses. Scripting languages are called as high level languages. You can't use them inside the OS kernel. -

A simple but useful Chrome Extension  
- Chrome extensions are much easier than you may think. Follow along to build a simple extension you might actually use. -

Google's Chrome Extensions tutorial leaves me disappointed  
- It is actually a trivial task to create a basic but still useful Chrome extension. It's so easy that anybody who can type can do it. -

Quick and simple web log grepper in Perl  
- Get quick pageviews/uniques from web logs with this short Perl script -

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript   2011/03/30 TonyLawrence
- A simpler way to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS and Javacript rather than C++ coding. -

SOCAT - The most comprehensive networking utility  
- Socat relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channel -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Simulate complex networks with qemu  
- Every qemu instance forms part of the host bridge and it will behave exactly like a computer attached to your switch/bridge. -

- I had to do server monitoring for one of my clients and I ended up using the sexy conky tool for it. But I had to do a lot of jugglery to make it work on the web. -

iPad Application Development For Dummies  
- Very good explanation of iPhone/iPad SDK development nuts and bolts -

Xcode 3 Unleashed  
- Knowing Xcode is definitely part of knowing the SDK: Yeah, well that worked - sort of. You can just wander in and use Xcode without really knowing all that much about it. However, you'll probably miss things that can really add to your productivity. -

Beginning iPhone 3 Development  
- I liked this because it dove right in to things I need to know about the iPhone SDK -

The iPhone Developers Cookbook  
- This book helped clear some confusion about the iPhone SDK: This title was mentioned frequently when I was looking for good books to get me started with iPhone/iPad programming. There were a few negative comments - one particular jibe from a college professor was especially cutting. He's probably one who gets all snitty if a students indentation style doesn't match his own, so I ignored that. -

Paradigm ImagePRO Ci40m HD TCP/IP setup   2010/04/16 TonyLawrence
- Okey-dokey. I double checked all the bad cable, bad port, ip conflict stuff. Nothing wrong there. -

The Art of Assembly Language - 2d Edition  
- This is why I never get anything done. I had my whole week carefully laid out in front of me and then No Starch Press sent me a review copy of Randall Hyde's Art of Assembly Language (2d Edition). -

Simple XML POST and reply   2010/03/24 TonyLawrence
- A customer has an app that needs to post and get XML data from a website. This task was being handled by .asp scripts on a Windows box, but now they want it moved to Linux and Perl. -

Running old Linux apps on new Distros  
- How to run old Linux apps on new Distros. Sometimes the original app vendor still exists and is willing to be helpful, sometimes they are out of business or uninterested in the old app because they want to sell something newer. -

Sort -u vs. uniq  
- Don't tie yourself in pipeline knots with either of them; learn to use each of them appropriately and your scripts will be easier. -

LiveUSB OpenBSD project at sourceforge  
- It is really easy to create a USB bootable OpenBSD LiveUSB image. -

Google's Go  
- Normally, the announcement of a new language isn't likely to get me to even click through to read about it but Google go is worth looking at. -

A simple file I/O program in C  
- Doing even the simplest programming tasks in C can be daunting. A C program can be found crashing on printf, command line parsing or nearly every attempt to print a string that is NULL. -

Create syntax highlighted PDF and HTML files from C or perl  
- Create syntax highlighted PDF and HTML files from C or perl -

Playing god   2010/04/09 anonymous
- Computers have changed a lot. Storage is basically unlimited and processing power is beyond anything you could comprehend. I finally have enough resources at my disposal that I can actual create sentience. -

More grumbling about lousy coding  
- Just now I tried to leave a comment at one of the sites in my RSS reader` -

Only the best and the brightest? I call B.S., Google   2010/02/05 TonyLawrence
- Why are Google programmers so sloppy and dumb when supposedly they hire 'the world's best engineers"? -

Follow the bouncing dependencies  
- Now, given that I installed RHEL 5.3 from rpms, and did notcompile my own kernel, I figured that I would be missing some packages,but it turned into a major pain. -

Vim: edit with vim  
- For people who hate vi, vim does not offer much relief. -

The C programming language and its importance   2013/01/18 TonyLawrence
- I have been doing serious C programming for close to a decade now. But Ifeel like a child on the seashore picking up a pebble here, a pebble there when the vast ocean lies unexplored in front of me. -

Easy file editing with Tie::File and perl   2010/07/10 StavanShah
- This is a delightful way to do in place editing of files. You don't have to save a copy in /tmp under a unique file name and then delete it. Truly delightful experience. -

Calling C functions from a Python interpreter   2011/01/25 anonymous
- There seem to be two ways to marry Python with C. One is called extending Python and another is called embedding Python. -

A command line dictionary for UNIX   2013/06/21 emzap79
- Google has released pygoogle for google searches from the command line and many options exist for accessing flickr photographs. Nearly every online service including rememberthemilk todo lists, delicious bookmarks and of course mail services like gmail include a way to access and modify your online storage from the command line. -

Network Time Protocol - get atomic clock's precision from the Internet  
- It is ridiculous that a computer that we buy for several hundred dollars cannot be as accurate as a watch that be bought for less than 10$. That does not have to be the case once you read and understand this article. -

The Genius of the Perl programming language  
- Perl is great not just because of its intrinsic features,syntax or semantics. Perl is great because it brought about the CPAN culture. -

Powerful crypto from the UNIX command line  
- The importance of OpenSSL toolkit for crypto cannot be overestimated. -

C is for Crap  
- Ultimately C is in many ways a backwards and primitive language. However, the real strength of C is nothing to do with the virtues of the language per se at all. -

Eat the Mangoes  
- If the mango tastes good, then everything else must have been good automatically. There is no need to look into the details when the end result meets our expectations -

PHP Segmentation Fault on Page Loads   2013/03/02 TonyLawrence
- A lot of people have problems with PHP the language, but I've never come into this problem before involving the Apache PHP module. -

Concepts in Cryptography  
- Basic cryptography has wide application. Understanding the basic concepts isn't difficult. -

Yet another article on open source  
- Why you might want to open-source your software project or application - multifaced benefits. -

A refreshing web programming tutorial  
- Creating drag and drop elements, animations of various forms used in a photo slideshow or image processing tool are straight forward. -

The Myths of Security  
- I think this is easily the most entertaining security book I've ever read. John has a sense of humor and strong opinions. Combine that with a lifetime of experience in computer security and you get a fun read. -

Learning PERL the Hard Way  
- I was interested in the printed version of this book because it is done by a Print On Demand outfit -

- Who hasn't been frustrated by some device stuck in a hardware read or write? Finally.. kill the unkillable. -

WordPress Plugin Development  
- Learning Wordpress basic plugin coding : Let me be straight up on this: I'm NOT a big WordPress fan. Nobody would ever forget to include the word "mess" when searching for appropriate adjectives to describe WordPress. -

Who's at fault? Programmers or managers?  
- Microsoft overpays employees but nobody asks how? Could it have been an Excel spreadsheet perhaps? -

The value of text  
- Unless you get into very large data sets, flat text files are much faster - often even if you search them in the most clumsy way possible! -

Programming the Turk?  
- I think if you are living in desperate poverty in a third world country, the compensation offered for these tasks might be reasonable. -

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