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Creative Circles in Google Plus.

Google+ Circles are how you choose who you share your posts with. For example, I have a "Kerio Customers" circle, an "Oak Point Computer Club" circle and a "APLawrence.com" new posts circle. This post will be shared with the latter of those, but not the others.

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Why Facebook's M uses texting instead of voice  
- Why Facebook's M uses texting instead of voice like Siri and Cortana and Google Now -

Why I switched to Ezoic  
- Why I switched to Ezoic and yes it is aggressive with ads! -

Chrome tab issues  
- Why has Chrome become so slow and balky? It's tabs, tabs, tabs! -

Facebook Instant Articles?  
- Facebook is making a bid to be the publisher of choice for content providers. Is this the future? Will Facebook own the web? -

Big money for blogging! Or is it?  
- Would Ziff Davis really pay $50 for a 300 word blog post? I doubt it, but that's what their come-on claimed. -

SolidOpinion Comments  
- I added SolidOpinion Comments recently. I'm still not sure that's a good idea but it's better than what I had - maybe! -

- I don't like lists. I REALLY don't like lists. But I do like Wunderlist. -

Google's QUIC may speed up the Internet  
- Speed is very important to Google. TCP connections have too much overhead and plain UDP is too unreliable. QUIC bridges the gap. -

What have you done for me lately, Firefox?  
- Firefox wants to regain market share - and they have been working hard on improvements. -

Amazon's Nostalgia Machine  
- For me and my wife, Amazon Prime Music is a nostalgia machine, transporting us back over many decades. -

The cost of data  
- $10 per GB? Somebody is getting rich, but why? Why do we pay so much for wireless data? -

How can I monitor bandwidth so we don't accidentally exceed our hotspot data?  
- I'd like to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage while on vacation to avoid overcharges. -

How can I see what pages are being accessed at my website?  
- I'd like to watch my logs as new visitors come. How can I see what pages are being accessed in real time? -

Words can kill  
- Being overly worried about objectionable words causes me some extra editing. Words can kill, it seems - can kill Adsense ads, that is.. -

Ezoic Day 2  
- There were far fewer issues than I expected, but I did have to work around a few things -

I let Ezoic mess this site up and they made it better  
- Although I am very averse to not controlling things here, I'm going to let Ezoic drive for a bit -

How do I fix popups on Windows 7?  
- Anonymous asks: Right now my most pressing problem is adware. I just got off a site where there were 4 or 5 popups going off constantly. -

Spotting Click Bombing with Google Analytics  
- Here are two simple Analytics report that could help you spot click bombing and identify the source -

Someone is click bombing me  
- If someone is trying to damage you, here's how to track them down and stop them -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Microsoft's Free Software Problem  
- Microsoft's Free Software Problem - is there anyway out of this mess for Microsoft without plunging profits? -

Mobile Friendly on April 21st   2015/04/23 TonyLawrence
- Google has warned that your website had better be mobile friendly on April 21st or you may lose ranking (though probably only in mobile searches). -

Hiding Adsense on narrow screens  
- You are allowed to use CSS display:none with Google's new responsive ads. Here's how you do it with CSS.. -

Webmaster Tools vs. SEO Consulting  
- Should you spend money on SEO consulting or can you just use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics? -

Three Million Minutes Later  
- Six years ago I published a listing of the all time top 25 pages here. I thought I'd update that and see what has changed. -

RIP, Internet Explorer   2015/04/02 TonyLawrence
- RIP, Internet Explorer - Microsoft is replacing IE and moving to a brand new browser. But how brand new will it really be? -

Responsive design and fooey!   2015/03/21 TonyLawrence
- Google made me switch to Responsive Design and I hope it was worth the trouble -

Selling two Unix/Linux domain names  
- I am selling linuxish.com and unixish.com, two domains I never got around to using. Make me an offer if interested. -

Hassle free SSL/TLS?  
- Hassle free SSL/TLS? Let’s Encrypt: Delivering SSL/TLS Everywhere -

Is the World Wide Web Torn and Shredded?  
- Is the World Wide Web Torn and Shredded? Have linking practices destroyed the web? -

Surveys instead of ads?   2014/12/11 TonyLawrence
- If this works, I'd take the ads off this site - but I am pretty sure it will not -

Bubblews Addiction - no joke!   2014/10/02 TonyLawrence
- I suspect that this site was deliberately created with intent to addict its users -

Are pdf files dumb?   2013/08/19 TonyLawrence
- I certainly agree with this. PDF is great if you really need it, but I see far too much PDF used where HTML would have been a better choice because there was no need to control the display. -

Length of a domain name  
- What IS the longest possible domain name and why isn't it in the book of Guinness World Records? While we're at it, what is a domain name anyway? -

Another Perl link checker  
- I'm still trying to write the perfect link checker for my site. -

I've given up on Panda   2011/12/12 TonyLawrence
- I've given up on trying to fix the traffic and earnings plunge this site has suffered since Google started its series of "Panda" updates. I feel a bit sad about that. I hate giving up - it's just against my nature. I especially hate giving up when I'm still not entirely sure that there is not still some way to claw back to days of old. -

Cranky Old Newsgroup Guys   2011/10/22 BigDumbDinosaur
- People new to the Internet may not even understand the difference between a forum and a Newsgroup. Indeed, many may never have participated in any Newsgroup discussions at all. If you have, it may have only been thorough Google Groups, and if your only exposure to the Usenet Newsgroups (with a capital N, yes) has been through that, it can be a little hard to tell the difference between those and a discussion forum. They both have people discussing things, arguing, calling each other idiots and so on. What's the difference? -

Have you protected your Internet digital assets for your heirs?  
- If you have web pages, a Facebook or Google+ account or you just throw something up on Twitter now and then, you own digital assets. This very page that you are reading is a digital asset. It has value, both because it adds to my reputation as a writer and because it has the potential to create income. -

Right about now, I'm starting to feel all too familiar Google disenchantment  
- Google Wave died because people didn't understand it (amusingly, Google+ really isn't all that far removed from what Wave intended). Google Buzz got derailed by careless privacy issues. Google+ could very well die because of lack of momentum. -

An unimportant announcement that you probably won't care about at all   2011/07/26 TonyLawrence
- What I did was move part of this site to a sub-domain. I did so at the specific advice of Matt Cutts, the famous Google SEO guy. No, he didn't give ME the advice - I'm so far beneath unimportant that nobody at Google would even tell me to 'go suck eggs', never mind drop a hint on how to regain traffic after a Panda slap. -

The closing of Borders is not the closing of minds   2011/07/20 BigDumbDInosaur
- The container is not the thing contained - physical books are not the knowledge within. Books are really the words within, not the physical paper, cardboard and ink that has been their form for the past half millennia or so. -

Another idea about a basic CMS structure   2011/07/16 KarlKowallis
- I have long had a 'dynamic to static' model for this website. That is, most of the pages are actually static but are stitched together from dynamic inputs. -

How to waste your time putting a Gmail Group into a Google+ circle  
- When I saw Google+ Circles, I thought 'Great - I can have a Computer Club Circle, a Kerio Customer Circle… And I can. So can you. But immediately there was a problem: I already have those groups identified in Gmail Contact lists. You can export Gmail Contact Lists as CSV files. Therefore, you MUST be able to import those to G+, right? -

Creative Circles in Google Plus.  
- In some respects, Circles beat RSS feeds. Unfortunately, they aren't something you can just 'join' - you have to tell me if you want to be in one of my special circles. Google may allow 'subscribing' to Circles later, but right now you have to ask. However, you can be much more specific than you can be with RSS. You could say 'Please put me in the Circle for Mac OS X posts and anything about Perl, thanks'. That's trivial for me to arrange and after that, you only see what you really want to see. -

Google's future in reputations   2011/07/07 TonyLawrence
- For now, a search engine has to grope around in the dark, feeling for indications of quality. Google (and every other search engine) looks at multiple factors. Those factors include both on and off page items and also give weight to the reputation of the site as a whole, the age of the page, what else the searcher was looking for or visiting recently and who knows what else. -

Google+   2011/07/10 TonyLawrence
- I was fortunate to get an invitation to Google+ and can give you a little feedback on it. -

Google Plus One Buttons   2011/08/21 videoproduction
- I've recently added Google Plus One Buttons to pages here. I used to have other buttons - Twitter, Facebook "like" and even some others if we go back far enough. -

Google Webmaster Tools  
- There is plenty of room for improvement in Google Webmaster Tools. -

Moved to Linode.com   2011/06/20 Ralph
- I was very unhappy with my former hosting site. Recently I discovered Linode.com and have transferred this site to their XNE VPS servers. -

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services   2011/04/12 TonyLawrence
- Getting a web site up and running on Amazon Web Services is much easier than it looks. -

Snarling Panda site cleanup  
- The problem is "low value content". That's tough to define absolutely, but some pages here definitely fall into that category -

Smarter HTML Link Extractor   2011/07/20 TonyLawrence
- Checking links is not really hard; you can actually do it with just a few lines of Perl. -

Snarling Panda (Google Big Panda update)   2011/03/25 TonyLawrence
- Google 'Big Panda' algorithm change disrupts many web sites, causes bitterness and confusion -

Publishing your e-book at Kindle   2011/03/04 TonyLawrence
- Amazon has made it almost trivial to publish your e-book to their Kindle store. -

Bing Webmaster Tools  
- Microsoft Web Master tools lag behind Google's and honestly, Google's isn't all that great anyway. -

Open Graph protocol adds Facebook Like to your site   2011/03/05 TonyLawrence
- With that glowing feeling of fading resentment warming the cockles of my heart, I decided to add Twitter Tweet and Facebook -

Bada-bing - Microsoft busted and Google cleans up the Farms   2011/03/02 TonyLawrence
- Will Google win the search war? Microsoft sure does help! -

Google's Chrome site blocking experiment  
- Google Chrome Personal Blocklist extension removes designated sites from google Search results. That's nice, but why? Why a Chrome extension and not just a change to Google Search? -

Make money by answering questions? Probably not!   2011/03/07 TonyLawrence
- These are sites where people post questions and others post answers. The resulting pages carry Adsense advertising and there is some method of sharing revenue with either those who provide the questions, the answers, or both. -

Quick and simple web log grepper in Perl  
- Get quick pageviews/uniques from web logs with this short Perl script -

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