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Listed here are 761 Linux, Unix, Solaris, BSD, AIX and Mac OS X IT consultants, programmers, support, installation, sales, etc. I don't necessarily know any of these people. Even if I do know them, I'm not recommending them or promising that they can help you with anything or that whatever products they sell are worth buying. Please do realize that no one here is offering FREE help; these are all people who earn their living this way. Some just sell products, some sell support- read what they have to say about themselves.

Oh, and yes, I am one of them. I offer on-site services in the New England area and do phone and internet support everywhere. You can find out more about that at Services offered.




Or see it as One Page Consultants List

Getting on the list
Why do I do this?
Advertising Here
My not so serious advice to consultants

Requirements to be added to this list

This is a FREE service. There is no charge for your listing.

There really are no particular requirements. You do not have to be certified, don't have to have a web page, don't even have to have an e-mail address, though I suspect you'd look pretty silly with just a phone number. If you don't have a web page, read on: we can give you one very inexpensively.

There's no interview process. I'm not recommending you or representing to anyone that you are available, qualified, or even awake. This is simply a way for people who need Unix or Linux consultants to find one. It's up to them and you to decide if you can or will provide service.

Please note that there should be no expectation that services are free. The top of this page explicitly states that you are doing this for money. That doesn't mean that you can't list here if you are just a nice person who wants to help people, and it doesn't mean that you can't list here if consulting is not your full time work.

If you provide a web page link, I do not require or expect that you add my page to your links. You certainly can if you want to, but it's not a requirement.

Your listing will NOT appear immediately; I review all listings before posting.

I used to have a form here that let you add your listing, but of course the spammers discovered it and tried to use it for their junk. As I review all submissions before posting, the list itself wasn't damaged, but it became annoying to go through all the junk every day. So now you have to Email your info. Please include the following information:

Is this an UPDATE of existing listing?
Premium Listing?
Company Name (optional):
Contact Name :
Phone (optional):
Fax (optional):
Please DOUBLE-CHECK your email address if you include it! I regularly have to delete listings because people carelessly type incorrect addresses.
Contact Email(optional) :
Web Address (optional) See offer below if you don't have a web page :
Specialties,etc. (optional):
(example: Linux, Solaris Consulting, Firewalls, High End Printers)
Limit 200 characters - Premium is 300. Need more space? See web page offer below.

Listings are reviewed before being added.

Web Page Links

Whether or not you have your own web pages (and especially if you do not), consider adding a low cost page here to further explain the products or services you offer.

We offer a service where you can point to a web page hosted on the aplawrence.com site for just $48.00 a year *.

Why would you do this if you already have your own pages? We get over 200,000 unique visitors every month and we are constantly growing. Our content and constant new material means we get high placement on many search engines. Many of those visitors search within the site, and since your text will be automatically indexed by our search engines, you potentially can present your product or service to a very large number of people. Your page itself may also gain higher placement in Google and other search engines just by being part of an already popular site.

Your consultants listing would point at this page, and of course (if you have your own web site) you would have links to your actual pages from there. Your page will be simply what you provide- nothing more, nothing less. We don't add any advertising, text or links- it's your page and yours alone.

Consider this opportunity today. The cost is low, and the benefits can be very helpful to your success.

* For the $48.00/year rate, your page and associated images must be less than 8,000 bytes. This gives you a LOT of space to say whatever it is you need to say, but if you need more space, just say so and we will quote appropriately.

We of course reserve the right to reject objectionable material .

Don't know how to create a web page? See Creating Simple Web Pages

Email for more information or to place an order

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Why do I do this?

It's not just because I'm a nice guy and want to help out other people.

Many times I have had customers say something like: "I don't know anybody else who can help with this Unix/Linux stuff. If we lost you, we'd be in trouble. Maybe we should change our system".

The more people we can point at, the less likely our customers will feel that way. So, while a listing here may do you some good, it may also do all of us some good.


We won't sell your name, email or web information. We will contact you with important information related to your listing only. You will not be added to our or anyone else's mailing lists.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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