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How can I switch to Gmail?

How can I switch to Gmail? Hundreds of people know my current email?

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Our cash drawer connected to a serially connected Wyse terminal stopped working  
- Our cash drawer connected to a serially connected Wyse terminal stopped working. I made some changes in the device configurator and wondering if there's a way to restore those. -

Maximal amount of unsuccessful authentication attempts reached, IP address is blocked  
- Maximal amount of unsuccessful authentication attempts reached, IP address is blocked -

I have a best selling book on Amazon!  
- To my great surprise, I have a best selling book on Amazon! -

Why doesn't rcp work for root?  
- Why doesn't rcp work for root? I get Permission Denied even though it works with other users? -

Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook?  
- Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook with Kerio Connect? -

How do I forward iCloud email?  
- How do I forward iCloud email? I didn't know people had sent me mail! -

My iPad can't get email!  
- My iPad can't get email! Scrabble also has stopped working. -

What does Boot Unix No Sync mean?  
- I ran fsck and when it finished I got a message telling me to Boot Unix No Sync - what does that mean? -

How can I switch to Gmail?  
- How can I switch to Gmail? Hundreds of people know my current email? -

All my Outlook rules went missing!  
- All my Outlook rules went missing, but weirdly they seem to still be working! -

Shell script cannot test for the existence of files  
- My shell script needs to move certain files to another location. How do I test that the files exist? -

Managing iptables drop lists  
- After blocking large numbers of sites accidentally, cleaning them out is easier with this script -

My iPad won't charge - what can I do?  
- I forgot to charge my old ipad for a month and now it is completely dead - what can I do? -

How can I monitor bandwidth so we don't accidentally exceed our hotspot data?  
- I'd like to keep an eye on my bandwidth usage while on vacation to avoid overcharges. -

How can I see what pages are being accessed at my website?  
- I'd like to watch my logs as new visitors come. How can I see what pages are being accessed in real time? -

How do I look up an MX record with nslookup?  
- I'm trying to figure out why this app is sending email to the wrong server. How do I look up MX records with nslookup? -

How do I fix iTunes access?  
- I have an account with iTunes on a PC as well as on my iPhone and iPad . iTunes has shut me off on the PC but not the on the Apple products. -

How do I fix popups on Windows 7?  
- Anonymous asks: Right now my most pressing problem is adware. I just got off a site where there were 4 or 5 popups going off constantly. -

How do I (just about anything)?  
- Go ahead - ask me anything. I'll answer it as best I can and publish it here. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Being confused can sometimes help  
- If my customer's email hadn't been confused, I wouldn't have called him to help and he would have waited for something that was never going to happen. -

Another SCO 5.0.7 crash  
- Another SCO 5.0.7 crash tests my memory - it was taxing, but we got through it. A decade ago or more that would have been something I could fix while half awake, but now my memory of SCO Unix has truly faded. -

Ubuntu service start bug  
- Ubuntu service start bug prevents restart of squid3 -

802.11g/n High Gain USB Wireless G / N Long-Range WiFi Network Adapter  
- Boosting the very weak free wireless signal at our vacation home isn't easy -

How to trouble-shoot file corruption  
- If you don't have the space, you have to take running snapshots with fuser or lsof- that may not satisfy a very stubborn vendor who is convinced that *their* programs never screw up. -

Mysterious panics and freezes  
- Crashes, panics and freezes: all work halts and you can't help being surprised. What just happened? -

Deleting a lost file name - delete unremoveable files  
- It HAS a file name- it probably has control characters in it that are confusing the display. Try ls -b. If that doesn't work, do "ls -l > /tmp/t" and the "vi /tmp/t" -

View large files without more or less  
- I have a rescue disk that doesn't include "more" or "less" - how can I examine large files? -

All about Telnet  
- A collection of telnet related information and links. Telnet is seldom used today except for network troubleshooting. -

Pass-Through Printing  
- The idea is that if the terminal sees a special key sequence, it will start sending the data out some other port (parallel or serial) until it sees some sequence that tells it to stop. -

Fixing an old SCO Unix 5.0.4 machine  
- I found myself staring at an ancient Gateway and a screen hung at Enter run level (0-6, s or S) -

Wireshark 101   2013/05/27 TonyLawrence
- Silly me. I really should have started using Wireshark long before this! -

Moving an old SCO Unix Filepro box   2012/09/18 TonyLawrence
- She thought she wanted to put a public IP address on this old SCO box. Fortunately, no one was able to help her with that. -

Mysterious Duplicate IP problem solved   2011/11/14 NickBarron
- I only needed to be run over by four or five cluetrains before realizing what was causing this 'IP address conflict' message on a Windows 2003 server. Follow along and see when you solve it. -

Local printing in Synchronics   2012/03/07 anonymous
- I know exactly what he has - an old SCO Unix system with a Digiboard multiport serial board, green screen Wyse terminals and Okidata printers with serial cards. I can handle all of that. -

Do you hate your computer?   2011/09/15 BigDumbDInosaur
- I knew someone who became so frustrated with a computer printer that he threw it down on the floor and jumped up and down on it until it was smashed to pieces. That's a bit extreme (and damaging to your bank account), but technology can make us feel like that, can't it? -

Basic Home Networking, Part 3, File and Printer Sharing  
- The point of a computer network is sharing. You might not be sharing much, perhaps even only the Internet connection. If that's the end of it, you don't need much more than part one of this series, which deals with the setup of a basic small network. -

Putting the wrong name on a Win 7 user profile   2011/08/25 NickBarron
- However, both of these new computer owners panicked at my suggestion. I explained that they just needed to cable up their new system; they claimed complete inability to do even that. Sigh. Yes, I know that this is mostly in their minds. It's a form of leaned helplessness. If they would just make a small effort, they probably could do this themselves, but they just stop and refuse to even try. It's too complicated, they are afraid that they might damage something or feel foolish. -

Basic Home Networking - Part 2, wireless setup  
- Often all that needs to be done is to tell your computer that you want to connect to a wireless network. It's not always that easy, but it certainly can be. However, even if it is that easy for you, you might still want to read the rest of this in case you have problems later. You also might want to read it because being "too easy" to get connected could mean that you are running some security risk and need to address that issue. -

Basic Home Networking - routers and switches   2011/08/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- Setting up a small office or home network used to be a fairly complicated task. Aside from the technical knowledge needed, there was expensive equipment to buy and specialized tools for wiring. That's all changed - the necessary equipment is cheap and readily available and it's all very easy to configu re. -

A non-technical guide to understanding and fixing TCP/IP problems on a network   2011/08/14 BigDumbDinosaur
- The title is a bit incorrect in the .non-technical. claim, because we are dealing with a geekish subject here and I can't avoid being a little "techie". -

Perl Profiling with Devel::NYTProf  
- I don't think I have ever used a profiler on my own code. The reasons are simple: I don't write much that is very complicated, so any bottlenecks are usually rather easy to spot. Most of what I do is ad hoc and limited use anyway, so speed is seldom a consideration. -

Internet phone service - without the service   2011/07/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- My wife is one who, once on the telephone, can't seem to know when to stop ta lking. Accordingly, our residential phone service bill tends to bear a vague resemblance to the national debt. She can't seem to bring herself to change her phone habits, so I finally caved in against my better judgment and gave her the go-ahead to switch our residential service to voice-over-IP (VoIP). After doing a bit of research, a company called TeleBlend was selected to provision the service. -

Why does fsck need a scratch file?   2011/06/02 KenPorter
- Although fsck hasn't needed scratch files for a while, large disks are reopening that need. -

Mysterious Duplicate IP addresses   2011/04/20 TonyLawrence
- Proxyarp on smart switch causes sudden appearance of duplicate ip addresses: All machines on our 192.168.206.x subnet (mostly Mac's, with Windows servers) got the IP conflict message when they started up in the morning. We do have a linux dhcp server running on that subnet, but it only hands out 2 IP addresses for barcode guns, and those are given the IP based on their MAC address, so each barcode gun always gets the same IP and can move to other buildings without reconfiguring them, as they run in dhcp mode. -

The lowly ls command   2011/04/20 TonyLawrence
- ls might have more flags than any other Unix command and operating system variance is wide. The lowly ls command has a lot of flags, perhaps more than any other Unix command. -

Three Computer Repair Books  
- This is 162 pages, well written, with good humor and full of practical advice for the person starting out on a shoestring. -

Network Troubleshooting   2010/03/16 AndrewSmallshaw
- As it turned out, the problem was very physical: a light fixture had fallen down and loosened some connections to a long forgotten ethernet switch. -

Disaster Averted  
- He said it wouldn't shut off. I was a bit surprised that he was unaware of servers with power buttons that have to be held in for a bit to avoid accidental shutdown. -

When Samba Pigs Fly  
- Yesterday a customer called because he needed to be able to write into a certain share on his Samba shares. -

More routers used as switches  
- I got a good chuckle when he showed me the first printer. Only one network tap near where they put it so - he bought a router. -

An Unexpected IP  
- Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, it would have all been the same: An old server had an OS transplant and needed to be connected to the network. -

Centos ssh failure  
- I have a customer who uses a fairly new Centos server to function as an ssh gateway to his ancient SCO box. On Friday he told me that no one could ssh in. -

Account Currently Disabled  
- At first I thought this was because of the upgrade. He had done a fresh install and had copied over his entire /etc/samba directory. -

Dealing with Duplicate IP addresses   2011/11/13 TonyLawrence
- Duplicate IP's on a network is an interesting problem that has no completely satisfactory solution, especially when malicious intent is involved. Let's leave those intentional conditions for another day; here we'll look at what happens when an IP gets duped accidentally. -

Shell script used time  
- What that does is show you the last time a file was used which can be very helpful in tracing whether or not something happened when you expected it to -

No Indian Support?  
- He told me that the support rep offered a No India option - I wonder how many people would pay extra money just to avoid someone with an accent? -

Always try a cold boot  
- He said his switch had gone nuts and that he had replaced it but the server still couldn't be reached -

Trust your Gut in Troubleshooting?  
- Scientific evidence for intuition and gut feelings? I'm a very logical and procedural person: a lot of the troubleshooting and problem solving -

RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Failure   2011/10/16 anonymous
- Forcing driver with Realtek RTL8111 - an "lspci -vv" revealed that things were not right.. -

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