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Navigating a large site and finding what you want can be confusing and difficult. I'm trying to make it easier with this page. Here you'll find major areas of content, followed by more specific links broken down into areas, and finally some suggestions for common problems.

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Suggestions for Help with Common Problems

These are unorganized- just random problems and suggestions for where to look.

Patches, Versions, etc.: New to Sco

System won't boot: Booting Articles

Modem won't answer: High Speed Modems

Can't make PPP work: Quick PPP setup

Out of disk space, No space on dev 1/42: No Disk Space

Mounting or fsck problems, backup complains about .slog0000 file, dividing filesystems: Filesystems

Terminal won't work: Terminals 101

Network won't work: Networks 101

How to set default route: Routing

Printer Problems/Solutions: Unix Printing

Recall and edit typed commands: Using the Korn (ksh) Shell

Tape drive hangs with tar but Arcserve works: Unixware 7 Tape Drives (same issue with OSR5)

Network Neighborhood: Visionfs

Browse Internet from Windows clients: Setting up a Small Office Network

Print to Windows printers: Visionfs and Visionfs Printing and the related JPR's Diff file for Windows Printers

NAT/Masquerading and Security: IPFILTER Firewalls for OSR5

Using SSH: DSL and Cable Modem Security with SSH

Script won't work when run from cron: Cron, At and Batch