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SCO broadcast messages

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Author: anonymous
Date: Tue Apr 4 07:00:08 2006
Subject: SCO broadcast messages please email answers to ict@mepa.be

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-> SCO broadcast messages


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Tue Apr 4 11:52:09 2006: 1855   TonyLawrence

We don't email answers. Post here, read here.

There's no "broadcast". What you are seeing comes from the configuration of your syslog. See "man syslog" and (link)

Tue Apr 4 11:55:02 2006: 1856   TonyLawrence

Actually, I see you are talking about a ups: that probably is a broadcast with "wall".

Why WOULDN'T you want a broadcast if you are about to be shut down???

In any event, this doesn't have much to do with anything but whatever you are using for ups software. Some of it has its own scripting capability where you can control what it does, some doesn't. You probably don't know what you have, right?


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