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SCO broadcast messages  
- People get confused so easily. A message from a UPS is not a message from the operating system. -

Copyright Changes  
- Absuse by scraper sites forces me to change my copyright policy. This is really annoying and disappointing, but there it is. -

So, UNIX is registered to who?  
- UNIX is registered to whom? Who really owns Unix and do any of us really care any more? -

file replication over WAN  
- I am curious if anybody had any lack with real-time asynchronous file replication for SCO OpenServer over WAN? There are a lot of Windows programs that do that very nicely (Double Take, for example), but nothing that I could find for SCO. One way would be to set up Samba and use a Windows machine as an intermediary, but there must be a more economical solution. -

Please HELP!! Help someone understand: SQL db's  
- I need to help someone understand that MS Access is not the worlds best database -

SPAM: Can anything realistically be done about it?  
- I personally doubt that the legal system in any country will ever spring into action in a concerted effort to take out spammers. -

Tiny Suite  
- First time I actually subscribed to a online resource and I was actually pleasently suprised -

Business Basis code  
- Let's understand what source code is and isn't. This definitely isn't source code. -

Componentized Linux  
- Componentized Linux is a conceptual Linux distrobution that is designed to provide reusable parts for making custom Linux operating systems. -

OpenServer 6 - Who will buy it?  
- I honestly do not think spending money on SCO is worth it. -

Rob Enderle again  
- The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux? No, not really - at least not in the way Rob tells the story. -

Netcraft security toolbar for Firefox and IE  
- Netcraft has released a toolbar recently for Firefox -

Debian GNU/Linux Desktop Survival Guide  
- Togaware's free Desktop Survival Guide and other Debian support/reference links. -

Netscape 8 beta for win32 is out  
- Renders pages much faster than Firefox, Mozialla, or IE on the same XP machine -

Apple OSX Tiger  
- What are the advantages and disadvantages of an IPU (in place upgrade) vs. a fresh install? -

clever bash tricks  
- One thing that has always bothered me is having to type in long pathnames. I guess I should have read the documentation since there is indeed a better way -

Adobe Acrobat Reader ver.7 for Linux (beta)  
- Where do you find Acrobat Reader for Linux? They do have it, though it's not always easy to find. -

Looking for Barcode vendors, that work with Linux  
- I cannot seem to google any vendors that have linux based bar coding solutions -

Badram, Badmem, and Memtest86.bin  
- When you get almost-random stuff going wrong like that, and you know that your using what should be a fairly stable OS the likely culprit is going to be flaky hardware -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Win4LinPro released: Support for Win2K, WinXP  
- This product no longer exists. VmWare, Parellels and a few free virtualization products replace it. -

File does not exist error from Microsoftt Save As  
- Microsoft save as produces annoying junk in my error logs. Can those idiots do anything right? -

scsidev: SCSI utility for linux  
- I recently built an external SCSI enclosure, using an old tower. I used 3 SCSI drives, and built a LVM, so I could concatenate the drives together into one large drive, to host my temporary video scratch files. -

Testing new comments system  
- I haven't been happy with our Wiki based comments system for some time. -

Comment Spamming  
- nofollow tags in hrefs - will they accomplish anything useful for comment spam? I don't expect so, but I'll use it anyway. -

Keeping Microsoft Exploits out of your apache log files  
- Another new Microsoft IIS exploit, for WebDAV is hitting the net pretty hard, and each request adds 32k of junk to your apache logs. Since I have a few web servers on the net, that log to a logging host, the disk space started getting filled up quicker than usual. -

An example of poorly commented code...  
- This one is a little amusing, and deserves some kind of award for perl "one-liners", and belongs on a tee-shirt! -

SCO gets to see the code  
- Sco lawsuit: IBM has to cough up the code and any notes or other documents that the folks involved in making code changes might have. -

Speed of IOMEGA REV with Microlite BackupEDGE  
- Blog # 1231 Speed of IOMEGA REV with MicroliteBackupEDGE -

Goal seeking code  
- Playing with evolution in code isn't very scientific, but it still can be fun. Here's a Perl plaything. -

Site Review at Newsforge  
- Newsforge has a review of this site. Overall it was positive, though I wish the reviewer had checked some things with me. -

More on self-modifying code  
- I first heard of self modifying programs years ago - it was frowned upon - but back then I was programming commercial applications. Then someone showed me Life, which was an interesting bit of interesting bits, but I soon lost interest. -

Avida (Digital Life Laboratory )  
- Avida (Digital Life Laboratory, own your own little piece of digital life -

SCO User Surveys  
- Late in the game, SCO decides to contact users and ask some questions. Will they ask how many SCO systems the company USED to have? -

PhpBB security attacks  
- I happened to notice a series of strange entries in my web access log, trying to exploit PhpBB scripts. -

Microsoft's MSH shell  
- We all know that command lines are evil, and GUI is the future. That "awful command line" has been slated for extinction because point and click is SO much easier -

Eating your own dogfood  
- Drag already answered the main point here: it's about eating your own dogfood. But there are two other points that need to be made here. First, yes, Linux is a kernel. But Linux systems embrace a Unix philosophy, and THAT is what makes them preferable to Windows. I AM anti-Microsoft, for a lot of reasons, but if we separate the political objections from the pure operating system points, we're still left with an ugly, clumsy philosophy and it is THAT which I dislike. -

Graphing Calculator (Mac, Windows)  
- I vaguely remember understanding some of this kind of thing way back when, but I get very lost beyond two dimensions -

The Information Age  
- Is inaccurate and misleading material on the internet dangerous? Are 'experts' always right? Remember that experts said that traveling faster than sound would kill you, that heavier than air flight was impossible and that the world was flat. -

Linux|UnixWorld Expo using IIS?  
- Why on earth would a Linux trade show use a Microsoft webserver to advertise itself? Eat your own dogfood! -

local security policy won't permit interactive logon  
- local security policy won't permit interactive logon -

Motivation Through Job Recognition  
- One of the most important requirements of a leader is the need to motivate employees to be more productive and help them achieve their goals. -

Asteroid Impact Calculation  
- What actually might happen if one of those 'near miss' asteroids didm't miss us? This calculator shows you what. -

Linux|Unix on your iPod  
- You may use this program to install linux on your Mac formatted first, second, or third generation iPod. Your iPod should have the newest apple firmware on it. -

They're b-a-a-a-ack..  
- SCO keeps trying and trying. What was that definition of insanity? Oh yeah: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. -

Interesting thread (ls vs. ls -l) - lessons for newsgroups  
- ls vs. ls -l - Why did "ls" work but "ls -l" hung and froze? There are a lot of bad guesses and poor troubleshooting techniques to be seen in the thread. -

PPTP VPN, and weak passwords  
- PPTP VPN, and weak passwords. I use a VPN to connect to work. I run a PPTP server on Linux, at my firewall, for our remote users to connect from home to our work network. As has been explained before, PPTP has had it's share of security issues. -

Ejector for OSX  
- This is a handy little utility for OSX. It adds an "Eject" button on the menubar, for quick access to ejecting volumes. -

Information about telnet sessions  
- Is there a way to identify which telnet session corresponds to which ptty? I would like to know the remote ip address and the ptty of each telnet session -

Converting SCO to Linux  
- Converting SCO to Linux: Self defense for SCO users, SCO/Linux Transition Guide,How can I mount a SCO file system in Linux or vice-versa?. -

More amazing Microsoft IE features  
- Do you think Microsoft will ever make a secure browser? Maybe, but it's been a long time coming. I know, I know, I'm a grump about this, but "easy" shouldn't be the primarily goal. -

IBM: Linux Desktop Migration RedBook  
- IBM has released a very interesting read, on migrating to desktop linux. The RedBook, contains lots of different topics for migration, and covers just about all the different areas. -

Securing your network to specific machines  
- Securing your network to specific machines with MAC address lockdowns in iptables with the MAC module, which matches packets traveling through the firewall based on their MAC (Ethernet hardware) address -

Testing for network connectivity in a script   2013/01/30 TonyLawrence
- Testing for network connectivity in a script. Sometimes a script needs to know if it has network or internet connectivity before it continues, or perhaps its whole purpose is the report a loss of connectivity or inability to reach specific services. -

Linux|Unix clusters  
- One way to think about it is that your cluster is one big NUMA machine with the private network being the data interconnect between the individual nodes. -

You may discover things about Microsoft  
- After you set up Windows Firewall in XP SP2, you may discover that anyone on the Internet can access resources on your computer when you use a dial-up connection. -

Tux - new Linux magazine  
- "Tux" - new Linux magazine in 2004, dead after just twenty issues. That probably says more about the future of magazines than the future of Linux. -

Microsoft enters the Protection racket  
- Neat idea! Even better than it looks, because now they can make the product even MORE dangerous, and sell you MORE tools to protect yourself! Suddenly it all becomes clear: this was the plan all along! These guys are brilliant. -

ADOBE security screwup  
- Adobe has a really bad record for security. When they say you need an update, you are wise to do it quickly. -

Some Remove me links really work  
- Do remove me links work? Infiltrating a spammer network shows that it is unlikely and counter productive. -

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