Using the large screen in the ballroom with a computer

These are instructions for using the large projector screen in the Oak Point Ballroom with a computer.

You need a VGA output on your computer. If you don't have that, you can buy an adaptor that will convert HDMI or DVI to VGA. You need a VGA cable, male connector at both ends. We used to have a 20 footer here but somebody stole that.. I suggest bringing your own.

15 ft VGA at Amazon

20 ft VGA at Amazon

HDMI to VGA converter at Amazon

Apple Mini DVI to VGA converter at Amazon

Apple DVI to VGA converter at Amazon

switch for screen

The screen

If you are standing on the stage looking toward the audience, the audio/visual control room is to your right. On the left-hand wall of that room is a large rocker switch that will lower and raise the projection screen.

switch for screen

The projector

Find the projector control (probably in the drawer in the A/V equipment box). Stand middle stage, look UP about 15 feet out. Press the blue button and look for the projector "on" light to turn on.

The other buttons are "Computer 1" and "Computer 2". I THINK "Computer 1" is what you want.

switch for screen

Room Lights

This is on the right hand side of the little room. I found "Preset 7" worked well for me.

switch for screen
switch for screen

VGA Cable

Connects to wall outside of A/V room. Use lower connection marked INPUT.

Your computer should now be able to use the projector.