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Free Unix, Linux & Mac OS X Skills Tests

Increase your Unix, Linux or Mac OS X knowledge

Learn more about Unix, Linux or Mac OS X

February 2008: These tests are all badly in need of update. Some questions are incorrect because of changing technology and others just make no sense in today's IT world. I do intend to update these, but it's a big project..

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Fun tests teach you tips and techniques that help you explore the full power of your Unix Operating System. The idea here isn't how much you know; it's to help you learn more. Check out the tests here to see what you can learn.

The tests have hundreds of questions (and answers) from basic to advanced which will test and increase your knowledge of Mac OS X, Linux or SCO Unix. Answers explain the concepts or point you to further reading. You will learn as you go through the test questions.

Although these are NOT anyone's certification tests , these tests can be useful in testing your understanding and in learning concepts you will need to pass the certification exams. These are free, but are as good or better than certification tests costing hundreds of dollars. Read the testimonial below.

Employers of Unix/Linux technical staff may also want to use these to screen candidates. Practice tests can help determine weak areas, or can serve as a discussion focus for job interviews.

You can also purchase these tests for installation on your own system. You might want that if you have a very slow or unreliable internet connection, but THERE'S NOTHING IN THE PURCHASED VERSIONS THAT ISN'T FREE HERE. Your purchase does help support this site, though.`

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Free Tests

Mac OS X Test On-Line
Linux Test On-Line
SCO Test On-Line

Purchased Versions

THERE'S NOTHING IN THE PURCHASED VERSIONS THAT ISN'T FREE HERE. Your purchase does help support this site, though, and of course the tests are available offline when you own them.

Outside of the U.S.A? Not a problem: your currency can be converted to U.S. Dollars when you pay by credit card, and the store will show you what you are paying before you buy. Your credit card is charged the appropriate amount in your currency.

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These exam questions are EXCELLENT! I''ve been working as a SCO admin for 3
years (2.5 years with 3.2v4.2 and 6 months with OSR5 and also been studying the
SCO Companion and SCO course materials. I downloaded 5 different copies of exams
from your site (30 randomized questions on each exam) and studied them for 2
weeks. They gave me a GREAT workout of my knowledge and forced me to look up
quite a few answers.

      I just took the CUSA exam (Administration) and passed with a 92%. Some of
      the questions on the exam seem to have been taken DIRECTLY from your
      questions (or vise versa).  10 questions into the exam, I thought I had
      studied this exam (and the answers) for the last 2 weeks and knew the
      answers cold. If I didn't know the answers, I knew exactly where to look
      since I'd already looked this answer up before while studying.

      I've completed my MCSE and along with 5 years experience, used the
      Trancender exams as a study aid and to gauge my readiness. These
      Transcender exams cost between $89 and $179 each and are VERY good at
      preparing you for the exams. However, they have NOTHING on your exam
      questions for SCO ACE exams. Every bit as good and at a much more
      reasonable price.

      Thanks for these questions. They saved my BUTT! I would never have thought
      to focus on NBUF and NHBUF kernel variables or any of the other really
      tiny but critical items on the exams. THANKS MUCH!!!

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Order Now!

These tests really aren't directly focused on certification examinations like SCO, Sair, LPI or RedHat. If you are preparing to take SCO, LPI, Sair or RedHat certification exams however, these can be helpful because they will test your basic knowledge. You will learn where your weak areas are from these test questions, and the answers will help give you a basic understanding of whatever the question related to. However, you will need other reference materials - these are no substitute for experience. See Certification Tests for other certification exam resources, quizes and practice exams.

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