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I used to have a form here that let you add your listing, but of course the spammers discovered it and tried to use it for their junk. As I review all submissions before posting, the list itself wasn't damaged, but it became annoying to go through all the junk every day. So now you have to Email your info. Please copy and paste this and edit to include the following information:

Is this an UPDATE of existing listing? (Your listing includes an "updated" date so do return here at least yearly to review and update your listing.)
Country: example"U.S.A." ("World Wide" is also OK BUT PLEASE DO NOT ABBREVIATE!)
I'm going to toss it out. YOU know that DK is Denmark, but I may not. DON'T ABBREVIATE!!
Company Name (optional):
Contact Name :
Phone (optional):
Fax (optional):
Please DOUBLE-CHECK your email address if you include it! I regularly have to delete listings because people carelessly type incorrect addresses.
Contact Email(optional) :
Web Address (optional) /td>
Specialties,etc. (optional):
(example: Linux, Solaris Consulting, Firewalls, High End Printers)
Limit 100 characters.

Listings are reviewed before being added.

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