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A.P. Lawrence provides on Site support in most of New England, e-mail support world-wide, software and equipment sales in U.S.A.

Email and phone support for general Linux and Unix issues is generally available 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST Mon through Friday. We may be available outside of those times; there's no harm in trying.

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Some of the services A.P. Lawrence provides

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Disaster Recovery

I can no longer offer disaster recovery service.

I wish I didn't have so much experience in this area, because these situations are never happy times, and it is almost always true that a little bit of planning and foresight could have prevented it. I would much rather you hired me before disaster strikes so that we can put in place the things that will prevent or at least minimize the down-time.

But if it's too late for that, I can help to get you back up and running. My years of experience can minimize losses and contribute toward a speedy recovery.

Project Implementation

We provide consulting services to investigate appropriate vendors and software, solicit quotations on your behalf, evaluate proposals, and supervise projects from start to finish.

Installation and Upgrades

Experience can make the difference. Having done this sort of work since 1978, I've encountered just about every situation that you could imagine, and have learned a lot about avoiding and/or compensating for problems that arise.

This is particularly true with regard to the older versions (Xenix, pre-R5 Unix). Having programmed and maintained these systems when they were state of the art, I am intimately familiar with issues that affect upgrades or re-installations.

But any upgrade can present challenges that are best handled by experienced people. When your entire computer system is at stake, you don't want neophytes working on it. You want experience and knowledge.


Small jobs are difficult to get the large firms to even look at. They usually want weeks or even months worth of work. I can do the small jobs, whether it's a small change to an existing program, a filter, a little utility you need but can't find, or whatever.

Administrative scripting to eliminate repetitive tasks

Cgi-bin scripts in Perl for back-end Web sites

Data conversions

Porting of C and Basic programs


I am no longer able to offer Filepro programming services

I think there is little question that Filepro was the most popular database on Sco Xenix and Unix systems for many years. I got involved with a beta version of it on Tandy Xenix in 1983, and wrote a number of custom packages using it over the years. So did just about everyone else who was programming on Xenix or Unix. It surprises me how many of those early efforts are still being used.

The Filepro database itself has improved over the years, and still exists (though it is no longer owned by the Small Computer Company). Of particular interest to those who have older databases is the fact that Filepro has made provisions to handle Year 2000 problems. This means that existing Filepro code can be brought into the next century. Accomplishing this does involve some analysis and possible reworking of code, but it is far less expensive and traumatic than starting over from scratch.

Technical Support

Unix and Linux Technical support by email or phone at very reasonable rates


Many, many years of experience in both phone and on-site support have given me a good sense of what might be wrong, and a creative mind gives me the ability to see solutions that others might miss.


I can assist with conversions of SCO systems to more modern operating systems, including transfer of SCO user accounts and printers to Linux, data transfer and most anything else that is needed.

I cannot offer help with converting SCO to VMWare.


I sell and support Kerio Mailserver and Microlite Edge.

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