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This used to be a SCO Unix faq. I've updated a lot of it to include Linux and other info, but some of it may be strictly of interest to SCO users (or those migrating from it)

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The best way to find something is to use the Search Tools (https://aplawrence.com/search.html) at this site. Every FAQ article is extensively indexed, so that really is the best way to find anything. Try it before you get eyestrain reading through the index. The searches also index other material NOT in the FAQ, which is yet another reason to use them.

MUCH OF THE MATERIAL AT THIS SITE IS RELATED TO SCO OSR5. OSR5 is Unix, so SOME of what you'll find here is useful if you are running Unixware, Solaris, Linux or whatever, but if your specific OS is not specifically mentioned, take whatever you read as being POSSIBLY WRONG FOR YOU.

Table of Contents

Revision Information

One Bit of Administrivia

How Do I Ask A Question?

Questions and Answers Common to Unix, Xenix and ODT

Questions and Answers Specific to OpenServer Release 5

Questions and Answers Specific to Unix/ODT

Questions and Answers about TCP/IP and NFS

Questions and Answers about Serial Communications and UUCP

Questions and Answers About Printers and Printing

Questions and Answers About X11 and the GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Questions and Answers About Installation

Revision Information

Version: 140620040
Date: 14 Jun 2004
Author: Tony Lawrence <tonyl@aplawrence.com> (originally by Stephen Dunn)
URL: https://scofaq.aplawrence.com/scotec0.html

These FAQS were developed and maintained for years by steved@ussinc.com (Stephen M. Dunn). Steve no longer has the time to maintain them, and has asked me to take them over. Please remember the debt all of us owe to Steve for his efforts- I myself spent many hours learning from these very documents, and I'm sure many of us can say similar things.

Because Steve has not been able to maintain these for a while now, some of the information herein is outdated. I am working to correct that, but it's a lot to catch up on, so if you spot something, please let me know. For the moment, I'm just marking some of it as probably being useless; as I have time, I'll check further to be certain before I remove anything.

Recent Revision History

DISCLAIMER: I try to keep this information correct, up-to-date, and useful. From time to time, errors and oversights will occur. While this group is read by numerous SCO staff and other experts, and they tend to catch any mistakes I make, there is no guarantee that the information below is 100% right.

THANKS: I can't do this without the help of a number of other people. You know who you are. Thank you.

One Bit of Administrivia

There are two different FAQ lists that periodically get posted here. This is the technical one. If you have a question regarding net.etiquette, the administration of these mailing lists/newsgroups, how to contact SCO, where to look on the net for SCO ports of software, or how to download files from SCO's systems, please look for the Administrative FAQ. It will probably answer your question. These two FAQs are posted at the same time, at intervals of roughly two weeks.

Note in particular that if you require instructions on how to contact SCO, download SLSes, or look at various anonymous archive sites, you should look in the Administrative FAQ.

I should also note that you may see references to TAs (Technical Articles), or to their old name IT Scripts, in various places in the FAQ. These are SCO's documents on various technical issues with SCO products. The URL for the searchable library of TAs is https://www.sco.com/ta/. If you wish to search for a particular TA by number, replace nnnnnn in the example below with that number: https://aplawrence.com/cgi-bin/ta.pl?arg=nnnnnn

How Do I Ask A Question?

First, of course, you look for the information in the documentation, and in the FAQ. You use any other local resources which are available as well, such as other users or administrators who might be able to help you. On OpenServer Release 5, using the search all documents option in scohelp may be useful in your search. SCO's Web site includes a searchable list of technical articles, described at the bottom of the table of contents above; these can be invaluable aids in resolving problems.

If none of those approaches help, gather as much information as you can before posting.

Your chances of getting answers which are friendly, helpful, and correct are greatly enhanced if you provide the necessary information. If you say simply "My SCO system doesn't work, when I use it it gives an error message with the tape, help," you've told us nothing. Provide exact product names and versions. Tell us exactly what hardware and software you're using. Provide instructions on how you can cause the problem, if it's reproducible. Give verbatim error messages. Tell us what, if any, patches and updates are applied to your system.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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