Email and Phone Support

I am not doing as much SCO or Linux support as I used to.

My concentration now is on Kerio Products, not general support.

However, I used to do a LOT of SCO work. For almost twenty years, that was most of what I did on a daily basis for hundreds of customers. Since then, that work has mostly disappeared and my skills are getting a little rusty.

I MAY be able to help with some Unix/Linux things. Please send email first, describing your needs.

The minimum charge for an email incident is $60.00.
The minimum charge for a telephone incident is $150.00.
The minimum charge for a Webex, telnet or ssh session is $250.00.

When you need help NOW, you can get it

Here's what I may be able to help with:

Linux, Unix and Mac OS X, networking problems, scripting, website programming and many other things. There are other pages here that detail those things but you may already know that I can help.

Here's what to do:

Email Help

The minimum charge for email help is $60. Don't send money; send your question in email.

This is NOT for telephone support. See below for that.

Otherwise, please understand that I get many email requests, and I need to pay my bills just as everyone else does.

You should expect an answer within 24 hours, though I often answer within minutes. If you have not heard from me after 24 hours, send another email, a fax, or call me. Something has gone wrong; I would not take that long to answer you.

Please note that I am located in the Eastern Time zone and do need to sleep every now and then. I am also often available on weekends, but expect a slower response.


If you need telephone support, you need to send $150.00 after we have established that I can help you. Again, that's a minimum charge. Make sure you know that I CAN help and am available to take calls before sending money - the easiest way to do that is with an email (and no, of course you don't pay $60 to ask that!).

SSH, Telnet, Webex etc.

The minimum charge for a session where I log into your system(s) is $250.00. Note: I cannot "dial-in" to modems - internet access is necessary.

Last updated June 2013