This is an old article about products that were useful with SCO Unix and is only left here for historical purposes. Some may not even exist today.

These are products I've had good experience with and can honestly recommend.

I also sell some of these products, along with SCO.

SCO Unix backup and emergency boot disks: Microlite Backup Edge

Nobody should run a SCO system without this. It's cheap, and it works. Even if you use Arcserve or something else for network backups, you still should own this product for it's emergency boot disks if nothing else.

There's also Lone-tar, a similar product. Both of these have demo's available for download.

Windowing for Dumb Terminals: Facetterm

There are not a lot of these left, but for those few places that want to get a few more years of usefulness out of them, this is the way to go. Excellent product, extremely well done, and does what it promises to do.

Jim Guiness ( reminds me:

A small suggestion re: your very helpful "Tips" section, re: "Recommended Products" - FacetTerm can also be useful if you're using Century or ICE or whatever to connect to character-Unix from Windoze. Obvious to anyone who knows what all this is about, but perhaps not to any random one who'd be reading your page.

Character based mail interface: Fineline Message Manager

Unix command line mail is awful, at least for those who are more accustomed to point and click. Fineline Message Manager isn't.

If you are trying to extend the life of your green screens, but the user community is demanding Windows, giving them Facetterm and Fineline could keep them happy for a while longer, anyway.

Unix Faxing: Faximum

Another well done product. Also VSI-FAX

Terminal Emulation: ICE

Perfect wy60 and Sco Console emulation, and more.

Hard core computer books: Softpro

This is the place for Real Computer Books. Where else are you going to find the entire O'Reilly line actually on the shelf? Where else are you going to find salespeople who actually know what you are talking about when you ask for Knuth's new book? This is where.

Internet Service Provider: The World

Their motto is "Busy people don't deserve busy signals", and it's true. Besides, they have real shell accounts, and a real Unix box, and great customer service. If I had to move somewhere else in the country, I'd still maintain my account here. They have local access numbers for most of Massachusetts, and tie-ins with MSN and who knows who else. Reliable? You bet. Cheap? Nope, but not a rip-off, either.

Data recovery: Data Recovery Labs- Ontrack- Excalibur Data Recovery

I couldn't tell you which of these has the most expertise. Data Recovery has a mostly text web page, so when the net is acting up and you need that info NOW, you'll get it a lot faster than you will from Ontrack's megabytes of pictures. Data Recovery has enough sense to put their phone number on the home page; Ontrack makes you dig for it, and it isn't easy to find. Excalibur is another one with fancy graphics, but at least their phone number isn't hard to find.

To save you all that annoyance, here's the phone numbers:

Data Recovery: (800) 563-1167

Ontrack: (800) 872-2599

Excalibur: (800) 466-0893

Media Conversion: Disc Interchange (978) 692-0050

These folks can convert just about anything to anything and are Unix aware, understand tar, cpio, etc.

From mainframes to PC's, DOS, VMS, Unix: these guys can move it from tape to CD, from 8 inch disk to DAT or whatever. Reasonable prices, good service.