A.P. Lawrence- What's New?

I started this web site late in 1997 (though I actually started writing and posting articles to a "home page" site much earlier). At that time, it was mostly related to SCO Unix, even though I was doing Linux and other Unix OSes at that time. Over the years, the site has grown from one or two postings a month to daily additions. The topics are mostly Unix/Linux related, though we do have a few Microsoft specific articles, and quite a bit that is OS neutral.

Much of the content is unique to this site: this is not yet another mirror of the Linux LDP or someone else's Unix FAQs. But we aren't tightly focused either: general Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, opinion, hardware - if it attracts our interest it's here. If this is your first visit, welcome. Browse around, use the search pages, and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

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