A.P. Lawrence's MacOSX Skills Test

February 2008: These tests are all badly in need of update. Some questions are incorrect because of changing technology and others just make no sense in today's IT world. I do intend to update these, but it's a big project..

Copyright 2002,2003 A.P. Lawrence

These questions are intended to test your knowledge, but they are also intended to help you learn more about MacOSX by examples and just by making you aware of things you might not have known about. There are questions here. Each question is rated as E Easy M Moderate or T Tough.

The qualification of Easy, Moderate or Tough, is completely arbitrary and highly subject to my own prejudices. Roughly, the Easy questions are those I would expect even a beginner to know, while the Moderate are what I expect an average administrator should know. Tough are things many administrators can handle, but I don't really expect them to.

I originally developed these for testing tech job applicants - I'd sit down with the person and have them verbally answer a few dozen questions like this.. it gave me a real good idea of how broad their skills were (tech and admin folk need broad skills).. anyway, it might help show you where your weak areas are. Some of the questions are very basic, some aren't, but if you find yourself really thrown by a lot of them, you need a lot of work. Most of the people who answer questions at help forums or newsgroups would likely waltz through them and quit out of boredom rather soon - if that's your experience, you are probably well prepared to be an admin. And if not.. well, learning just takes time and effort, right?

If you are using these questions to help study for certification exams, they may be useful, but you will need other resources and there is no substitute for actual experience.

There's no scoring; you can tell yourself if you are doing well or not.

I want to particularly thank Wade Altman who has pointed out numerous errors and has significantly contributed toward improving the quality of these tests.

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