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Yahoo "My Web 2.0"

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Yahoo hasn't made a great deal of noise about this yet, but their My Web 2.0 is looking pretty good.

This can be accessed directly (as in the link above) or through the Yahoo tool bar if you have added that.

I like the easy interface for adding sites and tagging them at the same time, and immediately being able to see what other people have marked with the same tags. I don't like that there is way to add RSS feeds (or if there is, I can't spot it!).

When you add a site (bookmarking, effectively), you have the choice of sharing it with the world or a "community" of invited folks. With the tagging and visibility options for web pages, and the ability to add notes, a community could turn into a discussion group somewhat like Yahoo Groups. That could be interesting.

A site can be saved also, which is useful for those ephemeral sites that vanish with the morning dew.

So far, so good. Good job, Yahoo!

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