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You may have noticed that I use page counters here. Actually, I use them at all my sites. That's in spite of the fact that page counters are "out" right now.

The reason page counters aren't popular now is that they were originally a sort of bragging: "look how many hits I've had!". That's seen as a bit gauche, but there's an interesting opposite to that. Because of the myriad new blogging sites that are lucky to get a handful of visitors per day, page counters can look rather pathetic too. The combination of those two influences keeps them off most sites.

But here I am with page counters. I don't use them for bragging, and I'm not concerned with anyone thinking the numbers are weak. My main reason for having them is because I have guest bloggers, and guest bloggers like to know how their articles are faring. It's interesting to know how popular something you write becomes, and I have the same interest in my own articles. So I track views and show the results at the bottom of each page.

That may be "unpopular" right now, but I'm going to keep doing it. It also helps with the Most Popular page, which helps you find articles other people have liked.

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