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One not so great apple

© May 2019 Anthony Lawrence

I like apples. I mean the eating kind here, although I am also a Mac computer user. I tend to favor the red skinned varieties, while my wife likes the green. Apples are inexpensive, they taste good, and are good for you - remember the "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" ?

Anyone who eats apples knows that now and then you'll get a bad one - it's turning brown inside, rotting away, and it tastes awful. But now and then we get a run of something different: apples that don't taste bad, but don't have much taste at all. We had a bag of those last week, and I commented to my wife that if these were the first apples I had ever tasted, I'd probably never have another.

There are blogs like that.

Maybe you first came to some blog because of a Google search or a link from some other blog. The post you read was interesting enough that you checked out a few things in the archives, and that was interesting enough that you bookmarked the site and came back another day. So far, so good for the site owner: maybe they are about to gain a regular visitor.

Or maybe not. If your return visit finds tasteless apples, bland posts that don't grab your attention, you might not come back again. Too bad, because it was just a bad run: those "apples" normally are very good.

As the writer of a blog, you have control over the quality of your apples.. your posts. Obviously not everything you write is going to "taste good" to every visitor. I like red apples, my wife likes green. But don't put up a not-so-good post just for the sake of having something to say today. I do believe that you need to post regularly, but you need to do so with quality content. You can feed me a tasteless apple now and then, but you can't afford to do it too often. If you do, you will lose me as a regular visitor.

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-> One not so great apple

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