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An inside peek at Google

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My goodness, is Google trying to do some outreach? This An evening with Googles Marissa Mayer reports on a lecture given by Google product manager Marissa Mayer. Quite a bit of folksy trivia was apparently divulged.

But Google still holds its cards quite close to its chest. As Google's power and influence grows, shouldn't we be worried? I think so: Google already knows more than any other company, and they gain that knowledge as part of their normal daily operation. What's scary is the potential for abuse: while there may be nothing disquieting happening now, we can't be sure that the future won't bring problems.

I think there are going to have to be tough laws and regulations here. We have to see this as a whole - that the combination of Google's reach into our lives could enable tremendous invasions of privacy. I'm not sure existing law covers this enough, because it doesn't see the intertwined data of Adsense, searching and the other less popular but still important applications Google offers.

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