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Chitka Mini Mall Ads

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Finally somebody has got it right. Chitika offers web publisher advertising where the ads can get the context from the page (like Google or YPN), or you can specify the type of ad to run. The "eMiniMalls(SM)" format is just Javascript you add to your site, so you can mix it in with any ad rotation you have in place now.

Not only is this exciting because of the ability to specify the type of ads you want to run (right down to specific products if you desire), but Chitika is very aggressive and very interested in your success. Not two days after I had signed up, my account rep sent a long email where she had analyzed each of my sites and had specific suggestions for improving ad revenue. This wasn't a form letter; it was specific to my sites and the suggestions were very good. At that point in time, my earnings from Chitika weren't even a tenth of a percent of what I get from Google in a day, and yet Chitika made the effort to do a custom analysis - Google barely knows I exist, but Chitika manually examined each of my sites!

I don't know how these will work out compared to Google, and I haven't yet had the time to implement all of the suggestions, but I certainly like the looks of these ads, the ability to force context or specific products, and I definitely appreciate the hands-on attention.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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