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What's your blog worth?

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My blog is worth $24,839.76.
How much is your blog worth?

Can you see the image over to the right? Cute, isn't it? It says my main site is worth $24,000.00 but that's ridiculous on several levels. It's not intended to be entirely realistic, of course, but let's pretend it has some value as a tool.

First, this is based entirely on Technorati links. Many sites ignore Technorati entirely. I have nearly a thousand inbound links to aplawrence.com according to Google. And why should a link have any value anyway? Yes, it's some measure of popularity, but popularity doesn't necessarily equate to value, and if it does, the conversion is different for different sites. I wouldn't sell aplawrence.com for anything less than several million dollars, because it is the source of most of my consultant income.

But this is cute, and interesting, and if nothing else is a different way to watch your Technorati status. As to what your blog is really worth, well, this isn't the method to figure that out.

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