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Automatic Ping Sites

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There are a number of automatic ping sites like Ping-O-Matic that will notify other sites that you have updated your pages. If you don't have notification software built into your site, or if there are sites you want to notify that aren't supported by your software, these can be convenient.

However, you do need to understand that many of these sites cheerfully respond to any ping with a positive response even though they have no record of your site in their database at all. Many will just as cheerfully acknowledge a ping referencing a non-existent site. Pinging them may not automatically add your site; you may need to visit them and manually add your information before that ping has any value at that site.

On the other hand, there's some question as to whether these notifications have any value at all. Until very recently, I didn't bother with any of this for my sites and yet when I checked my logs, I found that quite a few of these database sites were regularly spidering my pages anyway.

I suppose it can't hurt. The better places will probably find you anyway through other links, but that may be a hit or miss proposition, so going through the paperwork and being sure you are in their databases, and then following up with pings when you update may have some value.

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Tue Nov 11 14:08:04 2008: 4767   tripsandtips

I'm using Ping-o-matic but lately their site is always down and it gives me headache of keep typing/copy-pasting URL that i should do pinging. Just want to know what other automatic ping site would you recommend?

Tue Nov 11 14:16:09 2008: 4768   TonyLawrence

I don't recommend any. As I said above, the spiders will find you without that.

Wed Jan 28 15:35:27 2009: 5260   anonymous

when you ping your site Google information updates much faster!

Wed Jan 28 15:50:02 2009: 5261   TonyLawrence

If you have an inactive site, perhaps so, If you are posting regularly, Google et al. will return regularly without being pinged.

Wed Feb 4 09:27:08 2009: 5298   seoindia

I want to ping my article. Can any one give me good ping site for article?

Wed Feb 4 12:34:55 2009: 5302   TonyLawrence

OK, so you read everything here including the comments and decided that you still need this. Why, I cannot imagine, but hey, you did. I doubt anyone here is going to recommend anything. Most people almost certainly agree with me: there's no point to these services. There may have been at one time, but there is no point now.

But you still want it. OK, you looked at PingOMatic and for some reason said didn't like that. Again, we don't know why. Did you try Googling for "ping updates"? Did you find other things you didn't like for reasons known only to you?

We don't know what you want ot why you want it. How can we help you?

Thu Mar 5 15:46:56 2009: 5609   InformationCrossroads


When my site is new, I made it a habit to ping my site specifically in pingomatic.com every time I have a new post. After a month I noticed that when I attempted to ping my blog, i get a response that I was pinging too fast and that my blog has been ping a few minutes ago. So I agree with TonyLawrence that you don't have to ping your site anymore if you regularly update it.

Sun Mar 15 16:35:32 2009: 5711   VishnuSQAGuy

Dear, I use a site called auto pinger, some of the sites listed there doesn't responds.. still its good.. the only issue i find in that is that my internet activity will be stuck for a couple or more seconds in between the pings :) Still usable.

Wed Apr 8 04:10:38 2009: 6047   anonymous

I disagree with this.every time you ping your site, the bots will come and reference everything into their databases. The more references, the more important you look...especially if there are links back to your website from within you website, the more revelancy you will get. Ping daily, with a lot link backbacks within you site, places a lot of entries into the search engines database, which builds a lot of revelancy to your keywords

Wed Apr 8 10:21:42 2009: 6048   TonyLawrence

No. If you are creating new content regularly, there is absolutely no reason to do this. Google et al. need to be told of your existence once. Create a sitemap, update it when things change, and leave it at that. They'll come all by themselves, learn your publishing frequency, and return at appropriate times.


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