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Podcasting as advertising

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If you have a small business, you probably do some advertising, even if it's nothing more than handing out business cards every chance you get. Maybe you have a web site, but unless you are in the tech field, you may not do much with it. There's something new that you can offer with or without a website: podcasting.

Podcasting doesn't mean that you or anyone else has to own an iPod. The name came from that, but all podcasting is just creating an audio file (or maybe even a video) that your customers can play on their computers. It doesn't even require a web site: you can mail a podcast link in email.

You don't even need anything more than a telephone to create a podcast, and many inexpensive digital cameras can create short movie clips if you want to do that.

This can be a great way to communicate with new and old customers. The technology is still new enough that people may listen just for the novelty, but it can also be a very effective way to communicate.

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If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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