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Get your own ball

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

The Mature Market reports that the number of older folks starting their own businesses is increasing. That makes sense, it's easier to do a startup when you are a little older; the kids are grown, maybe you've put some money aside, you have more skills - it all adds up. But there's another reason people seek self employment, and that's when the big kids won't ever throw them the ball.

You know what I mean: first grade recess, and the older kids are ignoring you. The same thing happens in business: older people, women, and minorities can have less opportunity in business. One way to avoid that is go out and start your own business: bring your own ball and play your own game.

Reentering Workforce Poses Problems For Women reports women feeling frustrated and depressed by lack of opportunity and also notes that the number of self employed women is increasing. That's especially true for immigrant women and they cite "discouraging experiences in the conventional work force" as one reason for this.

I've heard it suggested that the destruction of New Orleans has a silver lining for the poor there; the great demand for services during reconstruction will be an ideal time for people to strike out on their own.

When the big kids won't let you play, go start your own game.

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