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Junk marketing

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence
December 2005

Certainly it's no surprise that there are a lot of get rich quick schemes, and millions of multi level marketing opportunities. I guess it shouldn't suprise me that these things are popular: in general, too many people are just too gullible. Or maybe that's not it: maybe they are sharks and figure that they can make enough other people believe in whatever they are trying to promote.

Anyway, this morning I was offered a link exchange with the following:

Free Classified Ads
Free classified advertising for individuals and website owners to promote their products.

It's almost automatic that I'm going to reject something like that without even looking at it, so I don't know what idle curiousity prompted me to actually click on the link. I was absolutely amazed to see that the site has a respectable page rank (Google's measure of site popularity) and high traffic ratings in Alexa and Netcraft. In fairness, not everything being sold there is MLM or junk, but after a quick look, I'd say most of it certainly is.

So what's the reason? Packs of fools or packs of sharks hoping to draw in the fools? Maybe a mixture of both?

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