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When you first start your business, it's hustle, hustle, hustle. You really have to: you need business, and you need it now. After you have built up your business, you'll find that you have the luxury of relaxing a bit when you need to. I'm not saying that you can ignore your business entirely, but you can cut back quite a bit.

For example, right now we're doing a lot of work around the house. We're planning on moving soon, so I have been spending more time on that than anything else. I haven't stopped working entirely, but for the last few months I have done only what absolutely had to be done and very little more. Money still comes in because I structure most of my business around prepaid time and retainers, and new business comes in because my web site does my prospecting.

It does take a while to get to the point where you can do this without seriously affecting your income. Once you do have that ability, even fairly serious illness or temporary disability won't harm you or your business. And of course vacations or other necessary uses for your time are also possible.

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