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If you visit the 'Internet Businesses, Websites' section of Ebay, you'll find thousands of web sites for sale. Almost all of them are trash sites: adult or e-commerce affiliate sites that are extremely unlikely to be worth even the few hundred dollars they might sell for.

Once in a while a legitimate and valuable site is offered. Almost invariably, those sites are listed with a reserve that is not met. You might say that the owners have over estimated the value of their property, and that may sometimes be the case, but I suspect it is more that the high number of low value sites depresses the value of other sites. Few of the people shopping Ebay for such "opportunities" have any real understanding of the Internet and what it takes to make money from a web site, so the perceived value of all sites falls toward the lowest of the low.

It is, of course, possible to make money with adult sites, affiliate marketing, ponzi schemes and link farms. None of that is anything I'd want to be involved with, but if you don't have any concerns about the kind of company you keep, this is a direction to take. However, it's no more a pass to easy wealth and riches than anything else is: under belly marketing still takes hard work and plenty of it. It may even take more work: you are competing with millions of hopeful fools who think they are going to make money from yet another junk web site.

It's also possible to make money just selling domain names. What seems nearly worthless to one person may be just what another wants. If you can populate it with some decent content, so much the better.

A legitimate site probably has far less competition, and in some specialty areas there may be almost no competition at all. The web is still young enough to have unfilled niches that can be exploited. That doesn't mean easy riches either: you need to fill that niche with quality and market it well. That takes effort and time.

It is possible to make money with an on-line business, but it's no more easy than any other kind of business. You'll need to work to get rewards, just as you would with anything else.

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