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Product Review: Staples "One Touch" Stapler

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence

I don't do a lot of product reviews, and when I do, it's usually computer related. I certainly never expected to be writing a review about a stapler. You need a stapler, you go buy one. Except for the miniatures and the spring loaded staple guns, they are all about the same.

Except this one.

Staples has pulled off a neat trick here. This is manual, spring loaded, extremely powerful, and yet requires very little effort to use. They say it will staple through 20 sheets of paper, and it will, and with one finger effort. I could actually staple through a piece of laser printer paper I had folded five times: that's 32 layers, and I was able to do it with the pinky finger of my left hand. The thirty two sheets really were too thick of course, and I could barely trigger it with that finger, but boy, that made me a believer. Remember, this is manual, not electric. And it's light weight, too: much lighter than our old metal clunker.

Stapling 16 to 20 sheets with my ordinary pointing finger was trivial. You could do hundreds of bundles like that and not feel like you'd worked at all. My wife loves this because she has bad arthritis and it's not just difficult for her to staple thick papers; it hurts. With the "One-Touch", there's so little effort she barely notices it.

This isn't cheap: about $15.00 at Staples. It's definitely worth the extra cost. There's also a more expensive high capacity model; I didn't try that, but it is advertised as handling up to 60 sheets. A less expensive compact model does 15 sheets.

I found out about this through BzzAgent. They provide products for testing and review; but there's no commercial motive behind this review: I don't get paid for it (other than getting the stapler free).

This is actually fun to use. When I first showed it to my wife, I handed her a folded up glossy flier that had come in the mail advertising something or other. I folded that a few more times, and asked her to staple it. Of course she planted the heel of her hand and leaned into it and gasped when it stapled before she got to apply the big push she was ready for. The look on her face was total surprise!

Of course this is a great gift, but you will want one for yourself. There's no way I'll give this away. The old stapler, sure. But not this one.

But see the comments: my happiness didn't last long!

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-> Product Review: Staples 'One Touch' Stapler


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Thu Jan 31 19:32:49 2008: 3555   anonymous

I have an employee who purchased this stapler at Staples but, we haven't been able to get it to staple. We loaded the stapler with the staples that came with it but, we cannot get it to staple. It looks like there is a black little screw blocking the way of the staples and the staples only go in about 1/2 way.... any ideas on how to get this to work??? signed frustrated in Texas

Thu Jan 31 19:38:40 2008: 3556   TonyLawrence

Possibly you have the wrong staples?

I'm glad you commented though, because I had forgotten about this. A few months later, this stapler jammed up - I don't mean the staples jammed, I mean the whole thing just jammed up and wouldn't work. I tossed it and did not buy another: a stapler should last for years, not months!

Tue Aug 18 12:46:18 2009: 6760   anonymous

Mine is brand new and won't staple either. I sense a trend here...

Tue Aug 18 12:47:11 2009: 6761   anonymous

I'm using the staples that came with it. It doesn't work!!

Tue Aug 18 17:23:13 2009: 6763   TonyLawrence

Yes, too bad this turned out to be junk. It seemed great when we first got it.

Tue Jul 13 15:53:01 2010: 8816   anonymous


you are loading it wrong....they dont go into the part that you pull out they reload right into the handle..Hold the stapler in its normal position. Pull the top handle back all the way until it is upside down. Pull the loading spring out and drop the staples pointed side up into the recess on the handle side. Replace the spring loader until it clicks. Swing the handle back to its upright position. You should be in business.

Fri Jul 23 22:06:06 2010: 8854   anonymous


LOL that person was right.. i was loading it wrong.

dont load it into the part you pull out.

after you pull out that part turn the stapler upside down and directly put staples into the slot INSTEAD of on the handle.

i feel stupid now haha

Tue Nov 23 22:42:59 2010: 9132   anonymous


I droppedthe staple and the staples and a spring fell out - one end has a larger circumference than the other. I can't figure out how or where the spring goes. Any ideas? Thanks

Fri Dec 10 22:03:45 2010: 9157   anonymous


I have this stapler for my office. It works fine and I've had it for about 3 months. My only PROBLEM is the hassle of trying to load the staples. It's frustraing and time consuming.

Fri Aug 26 15:21:26 2011: 9744   anonymous


I purchased this stapler about 1 1/2 months ago, I thought it was absolutely the best stapler yet, ( we have tried about 3 so far in our quest for the best)
You CANNOT load the staples on the handle that you pull out - turn the stapler upside down and load them directly in the opening, it works great!!!

Tue Jul 1 14:32:05 2014: 12498   LarryB


One touch stapler - Total Junk
Works for a few months only. I have been with my company for less than two years and just threw away my third stapler.

Tue Feb 10 16:53:46 2015: 12611   anonymous


I was loading the staples wrong too! Thank you for the step by step loading directions! Works great now. I wonder how many people have tossed it, thinking it didn't work?


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