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E-books for business promotion

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Write a book? Are you crazy?

Maybe so. Writing a book used to be a major undertaking, and getting it published could be very difficult or expensive if you were forced into vanity publishing (where you pay someone to produce your book).

But that's all gone away. The Internet and computers have made it possible to publish "e-books" - electronic files, really, that you can sell or give away.

Some people use free e-books to promote their business. Others business is selling their e-book. Still others mix both together. There are dozens of ways to use electronic books to promote your business and dozens of businesses that can be built around e-books, yours or someone else's.

If you have a website already, you might be able to easily produce a book by bundling old articles and tying them together with very little work. Technical guides and how-to's make are excellent content, and can help establish you as an expert in your field.

And of course you can always print hard copies for hand-outs at trade shows etc. or just put the whole thing on a CD that you pass out to solicit business. It's easy today to include video and sound, so this can become an incredible marketing tool.

See https://www.resellebook.co.uk/articles.php for more suggestions and ideas about writing or reselling electronic books..

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-> E-books for business promotion

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Another entry in this field is Booksurge: (link) - they are owned by Amazon


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