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Don't be over confident about Macintosh viruses

I saw a newsgroup thread recently where someone asked how to protect themselves when downloading software. I think he got bad answers; basically he was told that he didn't have to be concerned.

That's not entirely true. If an install program you have downloaded requests administrative access and you grant it, that program could install trojan software or any virus it wanted to.

Warning flags should go up whenever you see a program ask for your password. It may be necessary, and it may signal nothing in the way of bad intentions, but if you aren't confident of that, perhaps you should think again about your need to install this software.

Some software seeks permission it really doesn't need; again that's probably innocuous but how would you know? The author of that installer could be up to no good, and once you type the password, it is all out of your control. At that point, you may as well be running Windows, because you have no more protection.

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