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Terragen - the most fun I almost had this week

© December 2005 Tony Lawrence
December 2005

I'm not known for my artistic abilities. However, my family is full of artists, some of whom were moderately famous. While I can draw stick figures, they did such things as murals in the Lincoln Memorial and cover graphics for the old National Geographic.

Somewhere those genes live in me, suppressed, frustrated, yearning for freedom. They want to create beauty, but can't. Sad little bits of unexpressed DNA.

The genes lit up when I saw Terragen. This is software that lets you create photorealistic landscape images. Take a look at the gallery of images people have created; it's really impressive.

Unfortunately, I couldn't download the Mac version: Stuffit said the download was damaged. However, I visited the tutorial at https://www.caroluk.org.uk/terratut/index.html and was entranced. This looks like such incredible fun - I'm almost ready to download the Windows version.. well, no, but I will try to find out what's wrong with the Mac download.

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-> Terragen - the most fun I almost had this week


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Sat Dec 9 07:36:40 2006: 2703   anonymous

I dl'd Terragen mac very recently and it worked fine. OS 10.3.9

Sat Dec 9 07:37:25 2006: 2704   anonymous

oh yeah... recently = Dec. '06

Sat Dec 9 12:25:57 2006: 2705   TonyLawrence

Thanks - I'll give it a spin!


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