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Remote Desktop Client

You can download 'Remote Desktop Connection' from Microsoft for connecting to Windows Terminal Server or XP Remote Desktop.

I've used this for customers, both with Terminal Server and to connect to individual desktop machines, and I use it to connect to my wife's XP box when I need to look up something there.

The only problems are keyboard mismatches, which are usually easily solved. For example, your Mac may not have a mouse capable of right clicking, but in Options, you can set a key combination that will send a right click to the remote Windows machine.

For Terminal Server, you need to be a member of the "Remote Desktop Users" group; see local security policy won't permit interactive logon.

You can cut and paste between your Mac and the remote windows machine (although the server policy can prevent this), and you may be able to print to your own printer or use your local drives in the Windows session (see 'Help' in the Mac RDC for details).

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