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Mac Viruses

I get really tired of hearing the old "If Macs were as popular as PC's, they'd have just as many viruses". That's completely wrong. Popularity might bring more viruses (as Mac viruses are effectively at zero right now, that's a pretty safe bet), but it would never reach PC proportions.

How can I assert that so confidently? Well, for one thing, if the PC platform is as immune to viri as Mac and other Unixish platforms are, how come the next release of Windows (Vista) is adding Unix-like security controls? Starting with Vista, you'll be using an administrator password whenever you do software installations, system modifications, etc. - just like Mac already does!

Why is Windows doing this? Because they HAVE to do this to stop this nonsense. They don't want to, and my belief is that the Windows community will bypass this and avoid it, leaving everything just as horrible as it is now, but eliminating "the user can do anything" philosophy is the only way to stop the high level of viruses and spyware.

Here's someone else who is sick of it and offering a reward for real evidence of a Mac virus infection.

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