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I have been looking for SCO UNIX sites for a good 
long while. I finally stumbled across this site, I will 
say that it was worth the time to find 

Great & Informative site, glad to bookmark it.

I think this site is great. I am an unix consultant and consider myself 
intermediate in regards to certain topics in unix. This site has helped me a 
lot, I especially like the authors delivery of various topics. Just plain 
straight and simple. Believe me I have read quite a few unix books and ended 
up coming back to this site and getting just what I need. Please please 
please, keep up the good work.

The only reason that reviews, UW7 articles, and links are only moderately 
valuable to me is that I feel like I'm pretty new at this (UNIX) thing, and 
these areas are not yet fully usable.  I'd like to familiarize myself with 
UW7, for instance, but haven't yet gotten a copy to put on a machine.  
Overall, it's a great page with well-organized information.  I am grateful 
for the resource.

I just wanted to say thank you for your site and for your efforts in sco NG.

Your name in replies in comp.unix.sco.misc, along with 2-3 other names, always 
draws my attention - it means there is a chance I can learn something neat. 
Thank you for that!

It is very interesting and informative technical site and it is good you put 
some personal info here too. It is always interesting to get to know interesting
people. You could put your photo there too.

Best of luck.

Alex Barylo

As i am fairly new to SCO, i have found the articles extremely useful and have 
put some of your recommendations into practise. Thanks very much !!!!

I am studying first term computer information systems through a community 
college distance education program. I really got some good info from these 
articles and networking 101 thanks

I am fairly new to SCO and administer two very small systems. Your 
website has been a great source for clear, instructive articles and also helped 
in very specific trouble-shooting matters.
David Clowe
System Software Analyst
Forsyth County, MIS 

Hey Tony, It's Bruce.  Thought you might 
wan't a link to a "neat" program for linux, similar to sar:

Seems to work pretty well, with lots of display options, 
and even a manpage!

Just thought you might want to "beef up" your
Linux section a little.  I was surprised to see that
to see that your Redhat 6.0 had the most hits.

Actually all the informations you provide is very important. 
I would consider them as the knowledge to me even I don't use some of them.


I always appreciate the quality of
the informations on you web site

Ioan Nemes

If only there were more people out there who wanted to share 
their knowledge as you have!

Your site is delightful.  Your articles insightful and 
ass saving.  As in mine.  A few times.  Thanks. ;)

Puerile and near useless.  This site might have value for rank 
beginners, but it is an insult to true professionals.

It is great to finally have found a great SCO website.  

Thanks for being here. I'm learning a lot!

Great reference site!

You seem to include most of the Unixware documentation that SCO should have published!

Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

Great job! Helped me configure our SCO Openserver machine. Thanks!

Great resource thanks!
I am researching SCO for a port of our product to this OS. And trying to determine what we need.

I don't have time right now to go through all parts of your site but from what I
have seen (the monthly articles) it looks like you are doing a terrific job.  Thank you.
Harold Knopke

I have been trying to get Unix installed for home use/educational reasons.  Solaris 
gave me hell and never worked, SCO is working fine but I will need help, such as your 
articles, to figure most of it out in the end.
Nice site and good info!

Excellent site, I wish I had discovered it sooner. I'm about to leave Unix Administration 
after a 12 year struggle!!
Colin Woodford. 
Unix Systems Administrator.
Somerset County Council

I came here looking for networking basics.  We have had to change the IP 
addresses for a deliverable network.  We have experienced some problems 
during the transition.  Especially with installing new machines across the 
network.  Some of the articles here have been helpful.  I will continue to 

Ken Limmer

Site is extremely helpful for us newbies. Articles and references to TA's 
help immensely when I'm trying to deduce what I've fouled up on my system