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The upgrade that wasn't

This is a story about a vertical market application that was running on a SCO system. Yes, that SCO.. the one that's just about out of business now and, in the minds of many of us, are reaping just what they deserved. That SCO.

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The upgrade that wasn't  
- Why a customer wasted almost $12,000.00 on Microsoft and his wife threatened to quit in the process. -

Rare Xenix spotted in the wild   2013/07/16 anonymous
- Ancient Xenix boxes: I'm sure there are no breeding pairs left, but every now and then I hear of a Xenix machine still wheezing away in some small company. -

- Back when AT&T owned Unix, they were quite protective of the word 'Unix', and although they were willing to license code to Microsoft, SCO and others, they didn't want the products to use that name. -

xenix   2012/12/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- Just to point out for those unfamiliar with Xenix, the OS itself is actually under 50, heck, under 10!. An entire Xenix filesystem can not even exceed 512M, though you can have multiple 512M fs's mounted for a total system that exceeds 512M. -

(SCO Unix)Technical FAQ 1 of 9  
- FAQ Questions and Answers Common to SCO Unix, Xenix and ODT, some Linux -

(SCO Unix)A Xenix or ODT legacy application corrupts the screen  
- (SCO Unix) Run it through 'cat -" and see also the "mapchan" entry. -

How to copy old xenix diskette  
- How the original disk was created could matter. You can get around part of this problem, but not necesaarily easily. -

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