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The Year of Linux

We've heard it year after year: *this* is the year when Linux pulls ahead and becomes a real force.. Well, maybe. Certainly low priced Linux boxes have been snapped up quickly whenever they have been offered, and it's certainly true that the general public grumbles more about Microsoft than they used to. I think it's even common wisdom now to avoid Vista when buying a new computer, but so far that's translated more to "ask for XP" rather than trying anything else.

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SCO Merge Notes  
- I did find a customer still using SCO Merge as recently as 2009! They had old Lotus spreadsheets.. -

Moved to Linode.com   2011/06/20 Ralph
- I was very unhappy with my former hosting site. Recently I discovered Linode.com and have transferred this site to their XNE VPS servers. -

Getting Started with Amazon Web Services   2011/04/12 TonyLawrence
- Getting a web site up and running on Amazon Web Services is much easier than it looks. -

Simulate complex networks with qemu  
- Every qemu instance forms part of the host bridge and it will behave exactly like a computer attached to your switch/bridge. -

Running old Linux apps on new Distros  
- How to run old Linux apps on new Distros. Sometimes the original app vendor still exists and is willing to be helpful, sometimes they are out of business or uninterested in the old app because they want to sell something newer. -

SCO 5.0.7V  
- SCO 5.0.7v on VMware for those who cannot switch to Linux because of SCO apps that are critical. -

Windows 7  
- I know that sounds funny, but XP is very much a part of Windows 7. -

Backing up Virtual Machines  
- At that moment, it's actually working like a hard link: it is pointing to exactly the same disk blocks as the original file. -

Xen vs. Citrix Xenserver?   2010/09/29 anonymous2
- Why Xenserver?: Citrix Xenserver requires a 64 bit machine AND a Windows box to manage it. You can download the free open source Xen from The University of Cambridge and run it on 32 bit hardware and without a Windows client to manage it. So why should you care about Citrix Xeniserver? -

SCO 5.0.7 under Fusion with a BTLD  
- I created my VM under Vmware Fusion for the Mac and have provideed an image of the floppy. -

Your future desktop  
- Hypervisors are our future. Of course your personal machine will be powerful and have plenty of local storage but its primary OS will be a hypervisor. Everything else will run as a virtual machine under that hypervisor. -

VMware Networks, Bridged vs. Nat vs. Host   2011/05/19 Firedancerx
- Understanding VMware networking options. By default, VMware works in "bridged" mode - you use the card by attaching a virtual network device to it. -

Windows death?  
- Windows death predicted - can Linux fill the void? -

Running Xen, a Hands-On guide to the Art of Virtualization  
- I never thought I'd say this, but I'm starting to think that books like this shouldn't be written. I don't mean that this is a bad book: it's not. It's well laid out, encyclopedic in its coverage.. but it's already out of date. -

The Year of Linux  
- Is this the year for linux? Maybe it already happened (at least in the virtualization space) and we didn't notice? -

SuperBox Mark I  
- The mythical Superbox Mark I was not announced today: I had an exclusive opportunity to speak with Brian Casales, CEO of Gapple, Inc. about the heavily rumored upcoming "Superbox Mark I" that is supposed to shake our industry to its knees. -

Dual Boot  
- What thoughts entered my mind when they mentioned dual boot? Oh, let's see: stagecoach, poodle skirt, rotary dial phone, Z-80, Windows 98.. -

Embedded Virtualization  
- Vmware in flash? Why wouldn't you want hardware with built in virtualization? -

New Linux virtualization option : KVM   2012/03/25 TonyLawrence
- KVM stands for 'Kernel-based Virtual Machine' it provides a simple way to have full hardware virtualization available for Linux users on machines that supports either the VT (Intel) or AMD-V/SVM (AMD) extensions for their cpus. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
SCO 5.0.4 on VMware   2013/01/10 BruceGarlock
- Another method to install Openserver 5.0.4 on VMWare Server 1.0.1 (requires a 5.0.7 boot disk). -

FC6 Xen - no luck here  
- Xen in FC6 doesn't work for me. When I booted fc6xen, the machine went to sleep when it tried to start X. Actually, it appears to be hibernating without having created an image to reboot from.. the power light is on dimly as though it were sleeping, the display and keyboard has been shut off, and nothing I can think of wakes it up. -

- A new BSD ?: I do like BSD OSEs, but I think the best thing about the release of PC-BSD is that the download page incudes a VMware image. That's smart, and I wish more distro's would do this. -

Parallels Workstation  
- Run Windows and Linux on Intel Macs with Parallels Workstation for Mac OS X. Installation and activation was simple - typical Mac package install. -

How DRM prepared the way for Xen/Vmware  
- What the goal was was that for secure computing Microsoft would setup a special operating system that you would use to execute programs. It would prevent software exploits, like say in IE, from being used to further compromise your system. -

VMware Virtual Appliance Challenge  
- VMPlayer challenge - win money for creative ideas for virtual appliances. VMware is out for blood! -

VMware's threat to Microsoft  
- VMware is threatening Microsoft on several fronts: First off, I'm not suggesting VMware is gunning for Microsoft. However, recent developments in their product line aren't exactly favorable to Microsoft. -

Free VMware server  
- That's simply tremendous news, though I'm surprised by how many people I talk to who don't understand why this is so important. -

VMware Player  
- VMware Player is now a freely distributable application that lets anyone run a virtual machine created by someone else. -

SCO_OSR5.0.5 + vmware (4.5.2)  
- I followed the article here on how to install OSR upon vmware 4.0. The setup includes a scsi boot/root disk on blc(0,0,0) , a data disk on scsi id 6 and an ide cdrom as secondary master and a very small ide disk as primary master. This worked great and has done so for almost a year now. However, linux compatibility issues forced me to upgrade to vmware 4.5.2. This is when the fun begins: -

VMware Workstation - a chance for hobby OSes?  
- 2005/07/14 VMware Workstation - a chance for hobby OSes? -

N1 Grid Containers: Tech Words the Day  
- This is Sun's awful name for their server virtualization capability in Solaris 10. This lets you set up up to 4,000 virtual Solaris machines which use a common kernel (thus meaning one point for kernel patches,etc) but having their own IP address, memory, file area, host name, and root password. -

bochs: Tech Words the Day  
- You have a BIOS, the cpu is emulated, the disk is emulated, everything -

Install SCO OpenServer under VMware Workstation   2015/03/05 TonyLawrence
- Although it may take some finagling, you can virtualize SCO Open Server systems. -

vmware emulation, wd drivers  
- The OSR5 "wd" IDE driver has code in it to work around the quirks of _ancient_ "wd" family disk controllers. -

mount sco eafs filesystem with linux  
- Oddly enough, I was doing something very similar (extracting data from a 3.2v4.2 system using Linux) last week. It took a lot of false starts, but the eventual technique I used was: -

vmware and old sco image  
- Old SCO 3.2v4.2 in vmware? Obtaining memory map with 'defbootstr prompt' -