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Internet phone service - without the service

The implementation plan was to route the VoIP service through my business's Internet service and wire the VoIP adapter to an isolated pair that would connect to our residential phone. Nothing complicated, to be sure, and nothing that wasn't technically feasible. This was basic networking 101 joined with basic telephony 101.

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Internet phone service - without the service   2011/07/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- My wife is one who, once on the telephone, can't seem to know when to stop ta lking. Accordingly, our residential phone service bill tends to bear a vague resemblance to the national debt. She can't seem to bring herself to change her phone habits, so I finally caved in against my better judgment and gave her the go-ahead to switch our residential service to voice-over-IP (VoIP). After doing a bit of research, a company called TeleBlend was selected to provision the service. -

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- Our phones went dead yesterday. That has caused us to be very ticked off at Comcast because we've been without service a lot. -

VoIP Basics  
- Have we ever realized how much will be benefited by VoIP technology? Personally I am very thankful to VoIP, as I am (staying in US) far from my parents and in-laws, but I can talk to them in India for about half an hour or more (depends on them and me), without costing so much. -

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