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Getting near to the end?

Well, the SCO lawsuit is getting closer to the end. According to the Groklaw article in the link, the judge threw out most of their claims. Too bad he didn't throw them all out, but.. Anyway, it's getting even less likely that SCO is going to do well here. For those who are still running SCO systems, time could be running out: the company may not be there when you need them to be. So what now?

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Adding Memory  
- Adding RAM to your computer - how-to and pictures. Nowadays we need more and more RAM. If you have Windows boxes, you know that 512MB is becoming bare minimum, the same is true for Macs and although Linux can get by with less, more is better.. -

Linux|Unix Firewalls  
- A Deep look into iptables and related tools: Although the introduction says "This book assumes some familiarity with TCP/IP networking concepts", it actually requires a pretty fair familiarity. Do not make the mistake of assuming that this is some cookie cutter approach that's going to teach you a bit about iptables and give you some scripts you can slap into place and forget. There are books that do that, but this isn't one. -

Gapple redux  
- A real google os? John's basic premise is that Microsoft is sticking its nose into advertising, so why wouldn't Google fight back on the OS front? -

We lost the war  
- Video presentation, satire on Unix Linux vs. Microsoft: (Inspired by Welcome to Unix) -

Hang in there  
- If you accept that you WILL have to move off SCO (if you can't accept that at all, well, there's just no hope for you), you have to think about software -

Lazy DNS  
- I had a call this morning from a customer who wanted me to come down because their mail server was broken. They had experienced an ISP outage, which subsequently was fixed, but their mail server wasn't getting anything still. I was actually ready to go out the door when I thought to just double check reality, and that check kept me sitting right here: -

- A Linux performance monitor: Collectl is rather well described at http://collectl.sourceforge.net. I have only just started playing with it, but it does seem worth looking at. -

Open Source Videos  
- Pearson Education Open Source interviews: Pearson Education is offering a podcast series featuring conversations with Open Source thought leaders. Available in both video and audio at informIT. -

Is there always a better way?  
- Stable api's must happen eventually: I happened upon a recent Linux-Watch article about Dell's Dynamic Kernel Module Support. I actually downloaded Dell's PDF paper but the LW article is an excellent overview, as is Linux Journal's article on the same subject.. -

'Xish Advocates  
- Something awful has it backward: "Linux advocates are people who don't even use their computers. They don't view computers as tools for getting other things done, they see them as the thing to get done." -

Forking Inevitable?  
- Sooner or later, Linux will fork.. but it won't matter at all because your computer will be very, very different. -

SCO Bankrupt  
- No great surprise to SCO's bankruptcy - a shame that this stupid lawsuit still drags on. -

RedHat 6.2 - wow!  
- Some quick fixes for an old red hat 6.2 that really shouldn't still be in use. -

Cry me a river  
- File sharing felon forced to install windows: Poor "sk0t". Last year he was sentenced to five months in jail for copyright theft of Star Wars III. He also got five months of probation, and if he wants to use a computer during that time, our mean evil government is telling him that he can't run Linux because they want to monitor his on-line activities, and their monitoring software, alas, only runs on Windows. -

Cron is not working   2012/08/17 TonyLawrence
- Let's just get this out of the way first: when someone says cron is not working, it almost always is, and they have just misunderstood something basic. -

Finding large files   2010/10/02 wilson
- Where has the space gone? Although it is getting harder and harder to run out of disk space, some of us still manage to do it. -

Invalidating the Linux buffer cache   2012/08/01 SimonL
- How to actually test the disk drive to know that data really has gotten to the disk drive. This could be because you want to test the performance of the drive, but could also be when you suspect a drive is malfunctioning: if you just write and read back, you'll be reading from cache, not from actual disk platters. -

New Linux virtualization option : KVM   2012/03/25 TonyLawrence
- KVM stands for 'Kernel-based Virtual Machine' it provides a simple way to have full hardware virtualization available for Linux users on machines that supports either the VT (Intel) or AMD-V/SVM (AMD) extensions for their cpus. -

Wrapper scripts  
- When a command doesn't quite do what you want. wrpaaing it in a tiny shell script is often the most simple answer. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
GoboLinux : breath of fresh air?  
- A fresh idea for Linux or a confused mess?: My very first reaction to GoboLinux was negative. The underlying idea of taming the Unix/Linux file system hierarchy with symbolic links isn't new: heck, SCO did that way back with their 3.2v4.0 release, and for exactly the same reasons (see the Software Storage Objects- SSO section at this link). Most of us in the field agreed that the concept was laudable in theory but failed in practice: too many places where it broke down. See Speaking of symbolic links...for some taste of that. -

NT influenced by Unix  
- Finally found old Gates quote where he said 'In a weak sense, it [NT] is a form of Unix.' -

Open Source Code behind PoloMercantil  
- Anatomy of an open source roject: As we started the project of the electronic auction http://www.polomercantil.com.br, we knew that the proprietary software costs would be too high for our financial resources. Our only option then was to make use of Open Source Code softwares. -

Mysterious lockups  
- Dead in the water hangs are the most annoying; There's no crash, no panic: everything just stops dead. -

Getting near to the end?  
- SCO lawsuit nears end after dragging on longer than any of us thought it should. -

Numbering Lines  
- Now and then you want to number the lines of a file. You can roll your own script to do that: -

Controlling disk space with symbolic links   2013/05/23 TonyLawrence
- For almost all uses, this is entirely transparent: no scripts need to be modified, no users need to be notified or retrained. -

More on Patents  
- Microsoft patents: Well so people understand the extent of the software patent problem I will point out one now-defunct, but famous patent.. The so-called 'Giff' patent. -

Time to turn it around?  
- Is Linux strong enough to stand firm? With all the flap about the Microsoft/Novell patent deal, one question seems to be consistently avoided: just what could Linux be infringing upon? -

Live Linux CDs  
- I've booted a few live CD's, but I can't say I've ever really done much with them. I know that there are some specialized recovery and debugging cd's that I probably should take the time to get familiar with, but like so many other things, I just haven't gotten around to it. -

- Is the GPL really that scary?: Call me crazy, but I think people worry way too much about their source code. -

The Patent Ploy  
- Novell marries into the Redmond gang after being escorted to the altar by a shotgun toting Microsoft. -

Linux|Unix vs. Mac   2010/01/20 anonymous
- Microsoft pays close attention to what people want. They may do a horrible, botched job of providing it initially, and at the next revision, and so on, but eventually they do provide decent products. -

Firefox Javascript Exploit  
- According to the report referenced above, the folks who found this exploit claim to know about thirty others and do not plan on helping the Firefox folk fix them -

The unimportance of Linux OS and why you don't care  
- The coming unimportance of operating systems will be because of virtualizatuon. -

FC6 Xen - no luck here  
- Xen in FC6 doesn't work for me. When I booted fc6xen, the machine went to sleep when it tried to start X. Actually, it appears to be hibernating without having created an image to reboot from.. the power light is on dimly as though it were sleeping, the display and keyboard has been shut off, and nothing I can think of wakes it up. -

Fedora Core 6  
- Fedora Core 6 available now. Torrent estimated 20 days to pull it down. So to avoid adding to the misery, I stopped that and will wait a few days to let the dust settle. -

Flash Player 9  
- I received that news with some mixed emotion: do I care? Well, sure it's important that Mac and Linux get some Adobe love, but I can't think of a single site I need to visit where I'd be forced into Flash to view it. -

Oracle Linux  
- Why should Oracle do its own distro?: At "Larry Ellison's Linux nears release", Ashlee Vance is unsure why Oracle would want its own Linux distro. Actually, it makes a lot of sense. It's not the direct revenue of selling the OS with the database: that's almost completely unimportant. What is important is having control of the OS - tuning and tweaking it to be a home for their database. That's where the advantage for Oracle lives. By tightly controlling the OS environment, they can gain performance, increase reliability, and decrease their support costs. -

Linux|Unix will never beat Windows?  
- Linux WILL beat Windows: Microsoft will maintain its dominant position among operating system providers even if Linux achieves technical superiority in the future, due to Microsoft's legacy hold on not only computing users, but also the larger industry. -

What makes a geek?  
- Why are geeks geeks and why do geeks like Linux? If you made Linux likable for non-geeks, would the geeks hate it? -

More Microsoft Patents  
- When Bill conflates patents with innovation, he does so out of necessity: having nothing else to work with, patents must fill the void. -

Why was Linux successful (and will it stay)?  
- That timing had a lot to do with this is obvious: the hardware was at the right power/price point, the Internet made communication possible, and even the BSD lawsuits added impetus by at least temporarily spreading FUD over BSD efforts and perhaps even moving a developer or two from that camp. -

sshfs   2011/03/08 anonymous
- The home page for sshfs says "This is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol". True enough, but also it specifically depends upon sftp being enabled on the host you want to connect to. You'll find that in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (on the host you want to mount): -

SARA Secuity Scanner  
- Security Auditor's Research Assistant scans your network to discover possible security holes. -

Death of the command line  
- Is command line use dying? It's hard for me to imagine using an OS without a strong command line. Even Microsoft has recognized the with their Monad Shell. -

Filepro conversion part 2  
- The next day things were going well enough that they wanted to do some printed reports. -

Filepro conversion  
- Converting Filepro from Windows to Linux - Reports that used to run overnight now take seconds! -

Starting Over  
- If you started your website from scratch, what would you do differently? There's a lot I would change, but I'm not sure I'd be right. -

Please Submit your Open Source Resume in Word  
- Studio B would like your open source resume in Microsoft Word -

The Official Ubuntu Book  
- Nice coverage of ubuntu Linux: I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of Mark Shuttleworth (the founder of Ubuntu). His charitable work doesn't get the headlines that Gates and Buffet grab, but it is important and laudatory, and he began doing it almost immediately after acquiring his fortune - he didn't start giving away money to counter bad publicity or because he had more than he could possibly ever use. The name Ubuntu means something like "I am because we are" or "humanity toward others". Mark Shuttleworth obviously lives by that word.. -

A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux  
- This is the book I wanted when I started learning about Unix. OK, Linux didn't exist then, but if it had existed, and if I were sticking my toes in it, this would have been THE book. -

- Zeroconf for the grumpy old techs: I liked the last paragraph of Carla Schroder's "Run Zeroconf for Linux in a Snap" -

Solaris Performance Tools  
- I'm not as fascinated by tuning as I used to be. Nevertheless, this was an interesting read. I did not know, Most of this book is about Dtrace (Sun's Dynamic Tracing Tool) and -

Solaris Internals  
- Review of Solaris(TM) Internals : Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris Kernel Architecture (2nd Edition) -

Linux|Unix phrasebook  
- In the introduction, Scott says: "While man pages are useful, they are often not enough, for one simple reason: They lack examples." Oh, yeah. Boy does THAT strike a chord!. -

Damn Small Linux  
- A versatile live cd and more: Damn Small Linux was the first distro to give me a hard time. Don't panic, DSL fans. It wasn't DSL's fault. It booted quickly, obtained an IP automatically, and was ready to run. Except.. -

Puppy Linux   2010/01/28 anonymous
- Woof woof - Puppy Linux has a cute name, runs in RAM and comes with a full set of videos explaining how to use, upgrade and configure your system -

Where's the memory?  
- Memory usage under Linux is full of surprises. Do not assume you know what's going on based upon your knowledge of other systems. -

I hate penguins  
- Ballmer enters Bill's office. Due to our omniscience and the happy circumstance that the top surface is glass, we can see that Bill is hiding under his desk. Our view is from behind the desk, facing Ballmer as he enters. -

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