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SME Server V5 Virtual Domains

The Mitel Networks SME Server (formerly E-Smith) is a friendly web server and e-mail gateway. Here we cover creating a virtual domain and giving a user or users ftp access to it.

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Xinuos introduces SCO_X - does anyone care?  
- Xinuos introduces SCO_X, a BSD distro apparently compatible with OSR5 and Unixware - does anyone care? -

Restrict script to console use  
- How to restrict a shell script to prevent use by ssh or to only be used at the console. -

Trapping errors in Bash  
- While I think you need to avoid getting too clever in shell scripts, trapping errors can be useful. -

'ps' and 'grep'  
- Grepping lines out of ps is a common task. Unfortunately, it's also easy to go terribly wrong and not get what you expected at all. -

tput and stty  
- tput and stty are related in the sense that they both have to do with how a Unix terminal behaves. Tput is perhaps less important than it used to be, but still useful -

All about Telnet  
- A collection of telnet related information and links. Telnet is seldom used today except for network troubleshooting. -

Basic Home Networking - Part 2, wireless setup  
- Often all that needs to be done is to tell your computer that you want to connect to a wireless network. It's not always that easy, but it certainly can be. However, even if it is that easy for you, you might still want to read the rest of this in case you have problems later. You also might want to read it because being "too easy" to get connected could mean that you are running some security risk and need to address that issue. -

Basic Home Networking - routers and switches   2011/08/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- Setting up a small office or home network used to be a fairly complicated task. Aside from the technical knowledge needed, there was expensive equipment to buy and specialized tools for wiring. That's all changed - the necessary equipment is cheap and readily available and it's all very easy to configu re. -

A non-technical guide to understanding and fixing TCP/IP problems on a network   2011/08/14 BigDumbDinosaur
- The title is a bit incorrect in the .non-technical. claim, because we are dealing with a geekish subject here and I can't avoid being a little "techie". -

Finding Yesterday's Date   2014/02/05 TonyLawrence
- How to find yesterday's date on Linux, Mac and any other Unix. -

Yesterday's Date   2010/04/01 TonyLawrence
- Recently I was asked how to write a script that would automate the task of copying a log file to another directory -

Digiboard Port Server changes tty device permissions  
- Earlier this week, one of those customers called with a problem of changing perms on his /dev/tty* devices. He needs them set with write permission (666), but some were seemingly randomly resetting to 600. -

'makekey' for Linux  
- Porting 'makekey' to Linux. Apparently there was once a Linux makekey, but it was deprecated in favor of crypt(3). -

Why use that primitive Vi?  
- With Vi I can control what happens and where it happens very specifically. If I need exactly seven characters deleted, I can say "Type 7 and then x". -

Installation and light training Boston and New England  
- Computer hardware and software installation service -experienced, punctual, reliable -

More on PTR Records  
- It's beyond amazing that no one at Apple or Verizon was able to help him with this and that they each kept bouncing him back to the other. -

Degragmentation wars  
- The subject of disk fragmentation will almost always draw heated arguments but seldom gets treated in its entirety. -

Why *I* like Linux and Unix (and Mac OS X too!)  
- Yes, I understand that you like Windows. I'm not here to talk about that. Here I want to tell you why I like Unix and Linux and Mac OS X. -

Bash Brace Expansion  
- Simple Bash Brace Expansion. The new tricks Bash has picked up in 3.0 are exciting and useful, but simple brace expansion has been available for some time now, and yet we seldom see it used. I suppose that's because the need doesn't come up too often. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Stranger in *x land  
- Just like moving into a new town, you need to learn your way around, find out where things are and how they work.. you need to get yourself oriented, right? -

Wrong DNS causes interesting glitch  
- An incorrect old DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf causes interesting behavior -

How do you do X in Unix (Linux,Solaris..)?  
- Understanding the difference between the OS and your interface:: One of the paradigm shifts Windows users (and even some Unix users) have to get by is often seen in a "How do I do X in Y?" question, for example "How do I repeat commands in Unix?". Of course that can be a perfectly legitimate question, but often the person asking is missing an important concept: Unixish systems do not tightly bind the user interface to the system. -

Shed a tear for Microsoft  
- Poor Microsoft is under siege - weep for them, for the mighty giant may be walking to its doom. -

Insulting Windows Admins?  
- Windows admins aren't incompetent. Well, sure, some are, but that's hardly normal. -

A Change of Address  
- The caller had a downed Unix machine. Big crash, dead hardware, but he had a backup machine that he had restored backups to and had changed the IP to match the old server -

Free Consultants List  
- Free Unix and Consultants List - add your listing here! -

Creating LPD Filters  
- LPD output filters. There really should be no reason you'd need to do this on any modern Linux, but I had a client with an old RedHat 7.0 system who wanted to control the output to a laser printer, specifically to make it print Landscape orientation. Hard to believe, but "printtool" on that version provided no such option. -

Images or words?  
- I probably should have some photo or image here - all the best blogging advice sites will tell you that pictures are important: people like pictures, people remember pictures, pictures add to content. -

Self Hosting in the FIOS Era   2012/07/07 TonyLawrence
- Is it smart to self host your web site? With the availability of truly high speed Internet service, this certainly becomes possible. -

Swap Prefetch Arguments  
- Anticipation of swapping needs: The concept is simple enough: if stuff has been swapped because there wasn't room in RAM, but now there is because some program just exited, maybe the stuff that was swapped should be brought back now instead of waiting until it is actually needed. -

Windows philosophy is so different from Unix  
- I was really surprised to learn that Vista supposedly disables 'last access' tracking by default.. that seems incredible to me. -

A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux  
- Mark Sobell's Ubuntu book would be good for someone seeking certification, but it has too much basics for geeks and too much geekery for noobies. -

Windows inefficiency   2010/09/18 TonyLawrence
- Computers were supposed to threaten jobs - what happened? -

The upgrade that wasn't  
- Why a customer wasted almost $12,000.00 on Microsoft and his wife threatened to quit in the process. -

Sometimes you should reinvent the wheel  
- They say don't reinvent the wheel, but you sometimes you should -

Empty the Trash   2010/06/05 TonyLawrence
- Should I empty the trash? I put the stuff there. Why would I put it there if I still wanted it? Just empty the damn thing. -

Save Windows XP  
- Yes, we should save Microsoft XP: A petition to save Windows XP has apparently now been "signed" by 12,000 people. The opinions generally are that Vista is junk, or it may not be junk but everyone needs more time (XP is currently scheduled for its swan dive on June 30, 2008), or Vista is a scam by Microsoft to make more money (hey - Microsoft does need money, doesn't it?). -

X Expertise (X Power Tools)  
- Excellent technical coverage of X Windows: The title of this book is X Power Tools" and that is very unfortunate because it could lead you to think it either describes a collection of X clients that the author thinks you cannot live without or is one of those overly enthusiastic, very fluffy, not very useful books that generally are found with similar titles. This isn't either of those.. as I've implied in my title (which is too cutesy also, I agree), this is jam packed with useful technical information about installing, configuring and using X. -

Is there any hope left for SCO?  
- SCO's been delisted, customers are jumping ship, is there any hope? Probably not.. -

Perl 5.10  
- Perl 5.10 introduces new features and fixes things that have bitten me -

The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor  
- Explaining Xen, soup to nuts. Great book for learning kernel stuff in general -

Maccy Xmas and hope you have some time off  
- A procmail recipe for vacation management that is a bit smarter than your average bear - or vacation responder. -

Surveys with Google Graphs  
- Using Google Graphs to display Survey Results including a simplified version of the code here with comments. -

- RSS readers: if your reader is not displaying the surveys, please visit our site to vote. -

- RSS readers: if your reader is not displaying the surveys, please visit our site to vote. -

- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: How can we make this site more useful to you? -

- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: When a friend asks you about buying a new computer, what do you recommend? -

- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: What hardware do you recommend? -

- Survey questions at aplawrence.com: What is your involvement in IT? -

Dual printing   2011/05/23 TonyLawrence
- Multiplexed printing is missing from all Unix/Linux printing systems that I know of. Here's how to add it. -

Microsoft and Linux  
- What is Microsoft planning?: We've all heard Microsoft's sabre rattling about copyright and patent violations. For the most part, I haven't changed my mind about any of this: it worries me a little, but on the other hand there's just too much momentum behind Linux. It's possible that Microsoft could damage commercial Linux, but they risk a backlash that they really can't afford right now. -

Who locked that file?  
- Determine what process has a file locked - I can't even imagine how many times I've heard someone complain about a locked file. -

Flyback needs more than ease of use  
- Time Machine is not "just" rsnapshot. First, on the tech side, it uses hard links for directories and metadata that identifies a files lineage. It's also much faster than plain old rsnapshot. -

Amazon Kindle  
- I am so tempted by the kindle, but the price is too high. I think Amazon is forgetting the Gillette principle. Like razors, it's the blade where they should make their money, but also like razors, the thing being sold has a short life span - sure, I may go back and read some things again, but most books get read exactly once. -

Another one bites the dust  
- Another SCO system transitions to Linux. Porting Filepro to Linux, printing issuues and Samba configuration. -

No more excuses - Forget Windows  
- Is there any reason left NOT to use Linux or a Mac? -

Dual Boot  
- What thoughts entered my mind when they mentioned dual boot? Oh, let's see: stagecoach, poodle skirt, rotary dial phone, Z-80, Windows 98.. -

Yes, I'd like to pay more  
- True cost of Vista? Apparently it is $18.00 per dollar spent buying it.. that's nice to know! -

Gmail vs. in-house Mail Server   2011/07/06 TonyLawrence
- Well, in fact I can recommend this for some cases. It may not be for everyone - there are some disadvantages - but it can make a lot of sense and the price is reasonable, especially for very small organizations. -

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