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Lost Password SCO_OSR5

A automotive repair client has an IBM T30 laptop that is used to configure the electronic control module (ECM) in BMW automobiles. The custom BMW-developed software runs on OpenServer 5.0.6, the latter which has been configured to launch what appears to be a KDE session as the unit progresses through run mode 2 startup. Evidently this was meant to be a closed system - most likely to prevent theft of the ECM software - as everything possible was done to prevent the user from interfering with the boot process and getting to a shell.

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Internet phone service - without the service   2011/07/16 BigDumbDinosaur
- My wife is one who, once on the telephone, can't seem to know when to stop ta lking. Accordingly, our residential phone service bill tends to bear a vague resemblance to the national debt. She can't seem to bring herself to change her phone habits, so I finally caved in against my better judgment and gave her the go-ahead to switch our residential service to voice-over-IP (VoIP). After doing a bit of research, a company called TeleBlend was selected to provision the service. -

Converting SCO to Linux - Another one down, two left   2015/04/14 TonyLawrence
- Our efforts to get clients off OSR5 and on to Linux commenced in earnest in 2004, which was right after SCO started with their "Linux stole our code" lawsuits. -

Lost Password SCO_OSR5  
- Everything possible was done to prevent the user from interfering with the boot process and getting to a shell -

'makekey' for Linux  
- Porting 'makekey' to Linux. Apparently there was once a Linux makekey, but it was deprecated in favor of crypt(3). -

An Annotated Guide To Samba Configuration   2010/06/20 anonymous
- Samba is the Open Source Software package that allows a UNIX or Linux server to participate in a Windows network, and even become the Windows primary domain controller (PDC). -

What is a router?  
- A friend of my wife wanted to know what the router I provided her, but have not yet installed, actually does. What follows is my reply. -

SPAM: Can anything realistically be done about it?  
- I personally doubt that the legal system in any country will ever spring into action in a concerted effort to take out spammers. -

Simplified SCO_OSR5 Printing  
- Although this article strongly references SCO Unix printing, the background and trouble-shooting tips are valuable on any Unix/Linux platform. -

Determining clients IP address by service and PID  
- I wrote this thing several years ago for use with a program where I needed to know a client's IP address, given the TCP service on which they were connected and the program's PID -

Hubris to Go  
- Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's highly paid shill, goes on to say, in effect, that non-USA users of Linux and other such OSS could be sued by US parties laying claim to intellectual property rights that Linux developers have supposedly misappropriated. -

- I'm against SCO's attempt to shore up the bottom line via their 'Linux stole our code' lawsuits. -

Setting up Mozilla Roaming Profiles  
- How to setup Mozilla Roaming Profiles. Profiles, which first appeared in the Netscape 4.x family, allow multiple users of a standalone PC to customize the browser's look and feel to suit individual tastes, as well as maintain separate bookmarks, cookies, mail, and so forth. -

Is SCO backing off on Linux litigation?  
- Attendees have been exhorting SCO to spend less time on litigation and more time on operating system improvements. Are they listening? -

Parallel printer cable length  
- The docs for OS/2 stated that 6 feet was the maximum length the printer cable could be for a parallel port connection. So, I guess the OS has something to do with this spec? Limits to Parallel printer cable length. Given that reliable parallel port operation limits one to a cable length of no more than 15 feet, network print servers make a lot more sense. -

Windows Isn't Ready For The Desktop  
- Windows Isn't Ready For The Desktop - no one who really *uses* a computer could possibly enjoy using Windows -

The Tangled Mess That Is UNIX's Family Tree  
- UNIX's origins can be traced back to at least 1969. I've known that UNIX's geneology is a complex one, but I never appreciated how complex it was until this SCO lawsuit mess started. -

Sales The Old Fashioned Way  
- Recently, a salesman for a certain software company whose target market is Linux administration contacted me to pitch his wonderful product. -

Alternative Browsers  
- Actually, IE is a frequent target because it is easily attacked. Yet the press just can't seem to understand that aspect of IE -- or Windows, for that matter. -

Comments on Uninterruptible Power Supplies  
- My recommendations are based on a lot of real-world experience with manufacturing environments, which tend to pose the greatest difficulties in providing computer-grade electrical power. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Protecting from Lightning  
- Grounding is everything, especially if building B gets its power from building A. A high quality UPS is essential to protect hardware from power line hits. -

Patent Busting  
- It is most annoying when a company becomes successful because of the lack of patents but then starts suing other people -

How did it all happen?  
- 1wsuit war being conducted by SCO Group against IBM, Linux, et al, is shaping up to be a watershed event in the history of modern computing -

SCSI: An Old Dog That Keeps Learning New Tricks  
- SCSI's ancestor, Shugart Associates System Interface, was publicly disclosed by Dr. Alan Shugart in 1979 in hopes of being accepted as an industry standard. -

UNIX Basics-JOB SCHEDULING   2014/06/19 anonymous
- In the UNIX or Linux environment, it is possible to asynchronously execute tasks at any desired time of the day, a feature made possible by the cron clock daemon. -

WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way  
- WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way. The majority of businesses have at least a couple of PC's running Windows, which means Microsoft networking seems to be as unavoidable as death and taxes. -

Remembering IANA  
- Remembering IANA - It was October 16, 2003 that Dr. Jon Postel, the "Father of the Internet," passed away. -

- The fact that Microsoft has been proven to threaten and coerce PC builders into not shipping "alternatives" like UNIX and Linux demonstrates that end users are being forced to buy Microsoft products. -

In Praise of Older Technology  
- You know how it is. There always seems to be some crass individual, a coworker perhaps, or maybe your next door neighbor, telling you about their latest technology purchases. Is newer always better or needed? -

My, you're getting old!  
- Computer hardware ages too, and deteriorates from constant use. Case in point: I was contacted the other day about a machine we installed early in 1998. -

Whew!!! (Internet Taxation)  
- Whew!!! (Internet Taxation) Apparently I was wrong about American politicians. Not all of them are greedy crooks. What, you say? This can't be so! -

SCO on Athlon- bios shadowing -->SCO on Athlon  
- You may recall that some time ago, I described an instability issue related to running SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 on AMD Athlon systems using DDR memory. -