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Printing from Solaris to Windows

Problem: Trying to remote print from Solaris 10 x86 pc to a pc with usb printer (hp psc2355). The nova box is a solaris x86 box with text files that show up in lpstat -o , but do not showup in the solaris print manager. If i make a network queue they will show up in the queue and lpstat -o. In both cases i get an error msg that blackhawk is not responding and then the queues will retry every so often.

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Printing from Solaris to Windows  
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- Can you make money with open source? I think yes, but that doesn't mean many will try it. Had Unix vendors understood what their greed and short-sightedness would eventually cause, maybe they would have opened up way back when. But they didn't. -

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- This is Sun's awful name for their server virtualization capability in Solaris 10. This lets you set up up to 4,000 virtual Solaris machines which use a common kernel (thus meaning one point for kernel patches,etc) but having their own IP address, memory, file area, host name, and root password. -

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- Sun really is bending over backwards for the development community. If you are interested in Solaris (that's Solaris for x86 too), you can get free evaluation and educational use licensing, and if you want development support it's a lousy $99.00 a year, which is just ridiculously cheap. -

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- This book covers Unix by using both Solaris and Red Hat as examples. And that's the problem: this is really two pretty good 500 page books. -

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