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Google newsgroup links made easier

Google News is a convenient way to refer to News posts. If you are reading News with something else, you don't have to wait for the post to be archived by Google to create a reference; simply construct it as shown here, and when Google gets to it, your link will work.

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Google's future in reputations   2011/07/07 TonyLawrence
- For now, a search engine has to grope around in the dark, feeling for indications of quality. Google (and every other search engine) looks at multiple factors. Those factors include both on and off page items and also give weight to the reputation of the site as a whole, the age of the page, what else the searcher was looking for or visiting recently and who knows what else. -

Wolfram Alpha - Incredible!  
- AI search in May? I doubt it. I don't even begin to belief Wolfram's hype. Not going to happen - someday, but not yet. -

Premium Content, Deep Web, Micropayments and Google  
- Since this was written, Google has introduced Click-Free, which lets sites allow initial access to visitors but lock them out of deep visits. -

Google Sitemaps  
- Google provides a Python script that can produce the file for your site; I wrote a Perl script that does the same: -

Google to index libraries  
- The Google book indexing project, although hampered by numerous lawsuits, is still going strong. -

Google's Gmail  
- Why is this so good? The problem all heavy email users have is organizing and searching our mail. -

Google newsgroup links made easier  
- It's easy to create much shorter Google News links. All you need is the Message ID, and tag that onto the end of this: -

Google News Group Access  
- Google is fixing Usenet - and will probably kill it dead sooner or later. -

Google Does No Evil?  
- Google worries about getting sued because of satirical tee-shirts? C'mon, that's a reach, isn't it? -

Funny Google Ads  
- Google ads can be oddly inapproprate at times. Sometimes just a single word can trigger mis-aimed ads. -

Google IPO  
- Google plans and IPO while Microsoft snarls and paces nervously in its den. Me? I'm a buyer. -

NPR's Fresh Air: The Google Founders  
- I admit it: I am an NPR addict. I have always held public TV, and public radio in the highest regard, which is something my grandfather instilled in me at a young age. I also did not have cable growing up, so PBS was about the only choice I had on the TV. -

Microsoft Search  
- I don't doubt that Microsoft has the financial muscle to go after this. What I wonder is whether their inbred sleaziness will cause them to stack the deck in their own favor. Would they return honest search results, or would Linux and Unix matches get pushed down? When they have content on MSN that matches, will that get a boost? -

Replace Google?   2015/03/31 TonyLawrence
- I can't see non-commercial search being successful. Too much infrastructure is needed. -

Solving Google Page Rank problems with a 301 Redirect   2010/10/03 TonyLawrence
- Both domains point to the exact same content. The Apache configuration file at my web server just treated them both as virtual domains having the same filesystem location. There was no difference: no matter what domain name you used, you'd get the same pages. These are just duplicate domains. -

Googlitis   2013/11/12 TonyLawrence
- Sometimes the local search tools are better than Google, but people don't seem to know that. -

about- search body of man pages  
- Unix Programs: about, searches body of man pages for text. Helps find man pages when apropos cannot. -

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