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When Samba Pigs Fly

Such confidence had I that immediately after hitting send, I left my house to do some errands and when I realized I had forgotten my phone, I didn't even bother to go back for it: everything is under control, all pigs are fed and ready to fly.

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Slow Finder when browsing SMB Network Shares in Snow Leopard   2012/08/08 anonymous
- Mac OS X finder in Snow Leopard, when bound to Active Directory can be painfully slow at just listing files on a SMB share. -

Converting SCO to Linux - Another one down, two left   2015/04/14 TonyLawrence
- Our efforts to get clients off OSR5 and on to Linux commenced in earnest in 2004, which was right after SCO started with their "Linux stole our code" lawsuits. -

A SCO Openserver to Red Hat Linux Conversion   2011/04/02 TonyLawrence
- A detailed history of a SCO to Linux Conversion - including desktop users. -

How do I fix files showing up as 0k on a SMB mount in Snow Leopard?   2013/10/08 BruceGarlock
- We have been battling a strange Snow Leopard font issue (who hasn't) for a while now, and this one seemed to work on some SL machines. -

When Samba Pigs Fly  
- Yesterday a customer called because he needed to be able to write into a certain share on his Samba shares. -

Facetwin logs wrong ownership  
- Facetwin writes a message to /usr/adm/syslog every time it finds a file in my /1/users/prog that has ownership other than prog! -

Account Currently Disabled  
- At first I thought this was because of the upgrade. He had done a fresh install and had copied over his entire /etc/samba directory. -

Samba Configs - six hours!  
- They told her it would require six hours of time AND 'training' to fix the Samba configuration! -

An Annotated Guide To Samba Configuration   2010/06/20 anonymous
- Samba is the Open Source Software package that allows a UNIX or Linux server to participate in a Windows network, and even become the Windows primary domain controller (PDC). -

Samba-3 By Example and The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide  
- I have to say first that I do not like the pedantic style of Samba-3 by Example. I feel like I'm taking a certification exam, and even though each hypothetical situation is followed by the solution, I just keep finding myself annoyed by that feeling. -

smbclient (Samba)  
- For testing, the most common use is to list shares on a Windows machine or some other Samba server. -

Map network drive, connect as different user to same Server   2011/11/02 anonymous
- How to map an XP network drive more than once even though XP doesn't want you to do that. -

Samba problems  
- Common samba problems: adding passwords for Windows clients and adding or mapping Windows user names. -

New Samba exploit  
- This could allow someone who had gained internal access through hacking a non-admin account to escalate their privilege and get root access to the Samba server. -

- The open source project that lets Unix/Linux machines be part of Windows Network Neighborhood. That this exists at all is amazing enough, given that Microsoft doesn't willingly tell anyone how SMB works and deliberately goes out of their way to break any attempt to clone it. -

- A WINS server provides browsing information about machines on its network: the purpose is to provide the ability to browse across networks withoutpassing broadcast packets between them. Until fairly recently, Samba couldn't function as a WINS server, but now can. -

WinPopup   2010/02/11 anonymous
- This is a perl script that sends out a SMB Message to all users via "WinPopUp", using SAMBA. -

WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way  
- WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way. The majority of businesses have at least a couple of PC's running Windows, which means Microsoft networking seems to be as unavoidable as death and taxes. -

Samba and PDC's   2015/04/18 anonymous
- Pet peeve though, which has nothing particularly to do with Samba: I see far too many networks with domain controllers that never should have been set up that way. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Windows Server Digital Signing  
- Windows Server Digital Signing can preven Unix SMB browsing (Samba, Facetwin, Visionfs) -

Network Neighborhood, Visionfs, Samba Authentication and all that  
- Unix and Linux machines have been able to provide Network Neighborhood style file and print services for some time now, but I constantly see confusion and problems due to misunderstanding of how these things work. -

Moving from SCO to Linux  
- However, it was time to change. I've known for sometime that I needed to pay more attention to Linux. I had installed Linux on spare machines, and played with it here and there, but that isn't enough. To become as conversant with Linux as I am with SCO, I needed to use it every day; I needed to experience the problems, to learn the glitches, to discover the ins and outs. The only way to do that was to make it my personal desktop. -

Using Samba (O'Reilly)  
- This is the O'Reilly treatment of Samba, and it is also the book "Officially adopted by the Samba team". It includes a CDROM that has source and binaries for Samba 2.0.5a. This definitely is the best Samba book I've read yet. It is complete, it explains both the Windows and Unix aspects of SMB, and it includes detailed examples with appropriate diagrams and screen shots. The only possible complaint I could make is that 2.1 came out in time for references to get into the text- I wouldn't say these are confusing, and it's good that they were able to include such late breaking changes, but it's still just a little disconcerting. -

- I just checked Amazon: this is already out of stock. While that may be that the publisher screwed up and didn't print enough on the first run. -

samba dns resolv.conf -->Re Samba and DNS issues  
- For anyone that might be interested the answer is smb.conf: name resolve order = wins lmhosts bcast -

Windows XP network neighborhood firewall browsing  
- I have seen that when you change the name of an account. It sends the old name and the new password if I remember right. -