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Why does Firefox use Sqlite?

Apparently the latest version of Firefox has a problem with Linux: http://shaver.off.net/ explains the details, but the short of it is that Firefox 3 uses Sqlite for bookmarks and history, Sqlite in turn uses fsync() to ensure data integrity, and Linux fsync writes ALL disk buffers when fsync() is called and of course that can lead to long, long pauses where your computer is completely non-responsive. The issue will be fixed; again, that post has the details, but I have a more basic question:

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Why does Firefox use Sqlite?   2012/11/27 anonymous
- Why does Firefox use Sqlite database instead of text files? Am I nuts? Am I the only person who can't imagine why Joe Firefox User could possibly have enough bookmarks or browsing history that you need a database to manage the data? -

SCO and MySQL  
- The announcement that SCO had signed a partnership with MySQL to develop a version for OpenServer 6 came out a while ago and has been kicking around in the back of my head annoying me. It annoys me because it seems to be an anomaly; it must be some other SCO, some other MySQL. But no, it's real. -

Programmer overkill (MySQL)  
- This falls in the same general category as my previous rant about text vs. binary. Some people use MySQL for idiotic purposes. -

Please HELP!! Help someone understand: SQL db's  
- I need to help someone understand that MS Access is not the worlds best database -

Writing syslog messages to MySQL  
- Having syslog messages in a database is often handy, especially when you intend to set up a front-end for viewing them. -

MySQL Cluster setup and HowTo   2010/03/18 anonymous
- MySQL Cluster Server is a fault-tolerant, redundant, scalable database architecture built on the open-source MySQL application, and capable of delivering 99.999% reliability. -

Setting up MOXAMP  
- Time to do some work on my powerbook, instead of playing all the time: I came across this link, which details some instructions on how to setup a "LAMP" environment (without the L) in MAC OS X, or "MOXAMP" -

- Structured (or Standard) Query Language Most databases nowadays offer an SQL interface, and some offer nothing else. In theory, given the same table names and relationships, an SQL query should produce similar results no matter what database it is actually accessing. -

Real World U/SQL TCL script  
- RealWorld U/SQL Script by Bruce Baumann I have an TCL Package to access the U/SQL command line interface Once again there is no help file (yet) but anyone who can read a look under the ... If you want to get a TCL list answer, replace the select -

MySQL and mSQL  
- I can't say that I was entirely disappointed with this book, but neither am I entirely satisfied. It is a useful introduction to the free SQL's, but it is reminiscent of the old saw about Chinese food: an hour later, and I'm hungry again. -

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