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Poor Richard's Web Site

A well-written, even funny book that takes a no-nonsense approach to both how and why you'd build your web site. Readable even by folks who aren't actually going to do the work themselves. This is a new (February 2000) revised edition, with 432 pages of updated advice.

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Words can kill  
- Being overly worried about objectionable words causes me some extra editing. Words can kill, it seems - can kill Adsense ads, that is.. -

Mobile Friendly on April 21st   2015/04/23 TonyLawrence
- Google has warned that your website had better be mobile friendly on April 21st or you may lose ranking (though probably only in mobile searches). -

A note for long time readers   2013/08/13 TonyLawrence
- At one point I was ready to give up. I'm nearing retirement and, while the extra income this site used to produce was nice, at its current state I'd be better off bagging groceries than spending time on this. -

The Art of SEO   2010/09/08 TonyLawrence
- I hope this book helps put an end to ridiculously priced SEO courses. It could also help eliminate some of the shadier practitioners of SEO, but I'd be happy if it just helps a few people avoid wasting money on nonsense. -

SEO Marketing could stand some improvement  
- Make it easy for me to find out about YOU (include that website link) and make sure you know something about ME (basic Internet research). -

Not interested in SEO?  
- Not concerned about search engine rankings? I don't know, but I sure don't get that impression from the blog reading I do. I could agree that many bloggers may not care about making money from blogging (or have just given up trying), but popularity is something just about everyone wants. If you are writing about the mating habits of South American lizards, your general popularity might not be much, but you'd certainly want to get traffic from people with similar interests.. if not, why on earth would you be blogging at all? -

Specialty Football Website (place kicking techniques)  
- As it turns out, he is in a very good position to have a very successful web site dealing with training hopeful young place kickers, and the reason he doesn't have it is just that he was ill-advised in a number of areas -

Advice for new bloggers  
- If you are serious about this, don't go with a free blogging site. Get a real domain and a real website. -

Simple RSS Feed Generator  
- So, you have a web site, and you want to generate an RSS feed. In my case, I have the entire process of adding anything to my site scripted (see The AutoMagic Web Site), and of course generating new RSS documents is just part of that. But you may not have reached that state yet, so here's a little Perl script that will help you along. -

Understanding Alexa   2010/12/12 TonyLawrence
- Alexa started out as a project to archive the Internet; to keep a history of the then nascent World Wide Web as it developed. While that certainly was an interesting concept, it probably never would have paid the bills. -

RSS Syndication Feeds and Why Do I Care?  
- Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. For a long time, I failed to recognize the advantages of RSS news feeds; I just didn't get it. -

Solving Google Page Rank problems with a 301 Redirect   2010/10/03 TonyLawrence
- Both domains point to the exact same content. The Apache configuration file at my web server just treated them both as virtual domains having the same filesystem location. There was no difference: no matter what domain name you used, you'd get the same pages. These are just duplicate domains. -

Google Page rank search engine Optimization  
- If you want popularity, you need content. All the tricks and search engine submissions in the world won't help you without content. -

Search Engine Optimization  
- As the search engines visit every day anyway, why should I pay for 'site submission'1 -

I've given up on Blogger  
- Perl code for a simple blogging platform. Simple base to expand from, requires Perl ability. -

Moving toward a CMS  
- Let's give it a try: I had a nasty fall two weeks ago and hurt my hip badly. Couldn't stand up at all for two days; crutches for two days after that, and limped pretty heavily for another few. I was feeling pretty good until the blizzard last week, but shoveling out of that aggravated things..1 -

Backlinks (http_referrers)  
- When a web page is accessed by a link from some other page, the address of the other page (the "referring page") is made available to the web server. We can pick that information up from logs or as the page is being displayed. -

Web site promotion and popularity  
- This is an old article about web promotion and is only left here for historical purposes. -

Ad Tracking and Rotation  
- The supposed "magic point" for selling web advertising is around 15,000. By the way, I think the number is actually higher - much higher. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
The AutoMagic Web Site   2010/07/07 TonyLawrence
- When I first started writing web pages, they were always static pages: straight HTML. If there was any CGI at all, it was only to handle forms. -

Poor Richard's Web Site  
- A well-written, even funny book that takes a no-nonsense approach to both how and why you'd build your web site. -

Perl Web Log Analyzer  
- There are many tools available to analyze web page statistics. What I want to know is how popular certain pages are. -

Custom 404 Pages  
- Often people come to your web site with an incorrect URL. To show that, let's try a deliberate error on my site -

Web Master  
- This is what you'd call a rant. It started with a relatively small post on comp.unix.sco.misc on the same subject, and it turned into this. It started because SCO changed some links. That is, they removed some pages that used to be there, and made some new pages instead. I had links on my pages pointing at the pages that they removed, so naturally my links stopped working. -

Dynamic HTML  
- Until very recently, you couldn't incorporate any DHTML into any web pages that would be accessed by the masses, simply because too many old browsers didn't support any of the features at all.To some extent, DHTML is still a problem, because Netscape and IE support different subsets and sometimes have subtle differences even for features they both support. That makes it difficult to take advantage of many of the more wonderful capabilities without nasty and complex pages that work around the bugs and differences. -

Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotion  
- Peter Kent and Tara Calishain have continued or extended Poor Richard's Web Site with this book that focuses heavily on promotion. -

Web Site Usability  
- Every book on web site design will tell you that you need to be concerned about such things as having a consistent navigational structure, good graphic design,proper page layout, etc. Those books are all wrong. -

Apache- The Definitive Guide  
- Apache- The Definitive Guide-A.P. Lawrence-Book Reviews There's no doubt that Apache is the standard bearer for web servers. -

Web Performance Tuning  
- Still, because this concentrates on web performance, the specific concentration is valuable. There is a very good section that explains tcp kernel parameters (it tells you that "ndd" is the tool that modifies these; on SCO it's "inconfig"), there is a good section on cgi, a lot of Java specific tips and so on. -