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HP makes me grumpy

Thinking about anything SCOish fouls my mood anyway, but asking me to think about it with a cold is really a bad idea.

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SCO 5.0.5 media needed  
- Is older SCO install media still available? Maybe, but it's getting harder to find. -

Questions on ssh  
- How to reinstall ssh on SCO 5.0.7 using Custom and the original installation CD. -

Printers Down  
- There are sometimes little tricks to squeak a few more years out of ancient and unsupported hardware. -

Questions on Vnc and bootstrings  
- Has anyone compiled x11vnc for Openserver 5.0.5? I'm having a million problems trying to compile. If anyone has a binary please let me know. -

Bad day all around  
- A bad day: I've been having some strange problems with my Mac Book Pro lately. Nothing very serious; it just doesn't always go to sleep when I tell it to. The screen goes blank, and the little "sleep" light comes on, but it doesn't blink, and the hard drive and fans are still running. Sometimes it will complete the transition after a few minutes, but often I've come back after hours to find it still halfway there. -

Why use that primitive Vi?  
- With Vi I can control what happens and where it happens very specifically. If I need exactly seven characters deleted, I can say "Type 7 and then x". -

Installation and light training Boston and New England  
- Computer hardware and software installation service -experienced, punctual, reliable -

My SCO Knowledge (and interest) is fading fast  
- I'm sure this has nothing to do with dumb lawsuits or anything like that - no, I'm just getting old.. -

FTP Problem   2011/10/07 TonyLawrence
- Reasons ftp through firewall doesn't work - ports, active vs. passive and so on. -

SCO Compiling error  
- On an hp Netserver Lc3 server (SCO 5.0.5) I'm trying to reconfigure the backup device using "mkdev tape" but at the end of the wizard I'm returned the following "recompiling kernel error" -

Sco OpenServer 6 Console Terminal Emulation   2009/12/27 TonyLawrence
- Sco OpenServer 6 Console Terminal Emulation problems possibly solved by a Technical Article? -

Accidental lockout  
- I'm beginning to really hate the old SCO systems that are left out there. However, when they call with a problem, I have to help, right? -

A Change of Address  
- The caller had a downed Unix machine. Big crash, dead hardware, but he had a backup machine that he had restored backups to and had changed the IP to match the old server -

Free Consultants List  
- Free Unix and Consultants List - add your listing here! -

Dual Boot Vista  
- Is it possible Dual boot SCO and Vista? Probably, but VMWare or other virtualization would be a better path for that need. -

SCO's still kicking?  
- What? SCO isn't dead yet? Well, it's because there is still value there in captive customers. -

The upgrade that wasn't  
- Why a customer wasted almost $12,000.00 on Microsoft and his wife threatened to quit in the process. -

A SCO Medical Manager System Dies  
- Yesterday I went out to try to recover a SCO system running Medical Manager. What I found was an old system with a DPT controller set up as a RAID 5 with three drives, but one dead.. and it had crashed, and crashed hard. -

Is there any hope left for SCO?  
- SCO's been delisted, customers are jumping ship, is there any hope? Probably not.. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Another one bites the dust  
- Another SCO system transitions to Linux. Porting Filepro to Linux, printing issuues and Samba configuration. -

SCO bumbles along  
- SCO seldom fails to disappoint - at least when it comes to screwing things up and making things worse. -

Hang in there  
- If you accept that you WILL have to move off SCO (if you can't accept that at all, well, there's just no hope for you), you have to think about software -

SCO Bankrupt  
- No great surprise to SCO's bankruptcy - a shame that this stupid lawsuit still drags on. -

Please say it's over   2010/03/30 TonyLawrence
- So what did SCO buy if they didn't buy Unix? The court says Novell owns Unix. That would certainly seem to take the wind out of SCO's case. -

SCO DST script   2012/03/12 TonyLawrence
- SCO screwed up DST and took forever to come out with a patch. Here is one way to fix it manually. -

SCO Timezone changes  
- Fixing DST for SCO and Linux, manually and otherwis. -

Finding large files   2010/10/02 wilson
- Where has the space gone? Although it is getting harder and harder to run out of disk space, some of us still manage to do it. -

Wrapper scripts  
- When a command doesn't quite do what you want. wrpaaing it in a tiny shell script is often the most simple answer. -

3.3 volt PCI slots, old drives and a long week  
- It's been a while since I've seen a non-universal PCI card, but of course that's what this old beast had. You can't put an old 5.5 volt PCI card in a new 3.3 volt system unless it's universal, so that's out. Hmmm.. -

Mysterious lockups  
- Dead in the water hangs are the most annoying; There's no crash, no panic: everything just stops dead. -

Getting near to the end?  
- SCO lawsuit nears end after dragging on longer than any of us thought it should. -

Controlling disk space with symbolic links   2013/05/23 TonyLawrence
- For almost all uses, this is entirely transparent: no scripts need to be modified, no users need to be notified or retrained. -

SCO 5.0.4 on VMware   2013/01/10 BruceGarlock
- Another method to install Openserver 5.0.4 on VMWare Server 1.0.1 (requires a 5.0.7 boot disk). -

Another old SCO box  
- Will this be the very last SCO 3.2v4.2 system I see? Who knows..only time will tel -

I'm not following SCO any longer  
- I haven't been paying much attention to SCO for a while, have stopped reading the comp.unix.sco.misc newsgroup daily as I used to, and have fewer and fewer SCO customers, but I hadn't consciously moved away from being interested. It just slowly happened.1 -

Legacy ISA  
- I found a professed "competent" student at the local university who spent a couple of hours destroying the setup in one of the machines. We now have one machine working.. -

Microlite BTLD  
- Will these ancient SCO systems ever go away? Yes, they will, but more than a few are still hanging around, so I still get involved with them. -

SCO upgrade and CUPS  
- New sco 5.0.7 uses CUPS breaks remote printing - requires CUPS reinstall. -

Lady and the Scamp (SCO does the Web)  
- Sco tackles Lamp - SCAMP against LAMP! Those rascals! Don't you just want to hug 'em? -

Maximun number of socket connections  
- 100 connections hangs server.. configuration? Possible tuning limits on SCO Unix that might cause this. -

Why pay for pain?  
- This is the OS SCO needed to introduce in 1997 or even earlier, when they still had customers and resellers hanging in there. -

And the SCO case keeps on twitching  
- Dismal is a relative term. If SCO is infringing IBM patents, IBM wouldn't really ignore it. It may be small potatoes now, but it's still a meal. Given IBM's patent portfolio, I probably infringed somewhere in this paragraph, so we probably don't need to worry about IBM's ability to sue SCO if they need to. More likely they figure SCO will be a used office equipment sale and a bunch of stuff on its way to a landfill soon enough. -

SCO and MySQL  
- The announcement that SCO had signed a partnership with MySQL to develop a version for OpenServer 6 came out a while ago and has been kicking around in the back of my head annoying me. It annoys me because it seems to be an anomaly; it must be some other SCO, some other MySQL. But no, it's real. -

So, UNIX is registered to who?  
- UNIX is registered to whom? Who really owns Unix and do any of us really care any more? -

VNC on Sco Open Server  
- This is an old article about VNC installation on older Sco Open Server and is only left here for historical purposes. -

SCO and OpenServer 6  
- At http://www.darlmcbride.com, SCO's CEO explains why he thinks OpenServer 6 is better than Linux. He makes some valid points, but misses the big picture. -

How long can SCO last?  
- SCO's attrition rate is rapid, helped along by folks like me and other former SCO resellers who started switching to Linux/BSD etc. quite a few years back. -

repair lp  
- I admit it, I think I toasted the command lp somehow... I get the request id is Cardkey-410(or whichever number it is on) -

Is it time to switch SCO systems to Linux?  
- 2005/07/20 Is it time to switch SCO systems to Linux? -

OpenServer 6 - Who will buy it?  
- I honestly do not think spending money on SCO is worth it. -

Tape Errors - Openserver 5.0.7  
- Having trouble with an IDE tape drive - Dell Powervault 100T (Travan 20/40 Gb drive). -

bootlocore : out of low memory  
- bootlocore : out of low memory SCO Unix No memory for relocation information -

Rob Enderle again  
- The Most Powerful Labor Union in the World: Linux? No, not really - at least not in the way Rob tells the story. -

SCO 5.0.7 DVD-RAM usage  
- I'd suggest using Microlite or Lonetar for this. You aren't really verifying with that anyway if you are using stock cpio and the Supertars are far better products - see for example the recent review of Edge at /Reviews/backupedge21.html (similar features are available in the Lonetar product). -

Dropping to command line  
- When you boot up the sco box you end up with a gui login. Is there a hotkey to drop that down to the command line login? I need access to the command line on virtual console 2 as a different user, but it can only login on 2 via command line login -

New To Unix  
- Understanding how and why Unix and Linux are not like Windows. Unix and Linux are different. If your first exposure to computers was DOS or Windows, some of what you learned there is going to trip you up in the Unix world. This article attempts to both explain how Unix is different, and also why it is different, because if you understand why, you'll find it easier to remember. -

BackupEDGE 2.1   2011/02/18 TonyLawrence
- Backup Edge version 2.1 (old version, please see more recent reviews for more accurate information) -

SCO gets to see the code  
- Sco lawsuit: IBM has to cough up the code and any notes or other documents that the folks involved in making code changes might have. -

SCO User Surveys  
- Late in the game, SCO decides to contact users and ask some questions. Will they ask how many SCO systems the company USED to have? -

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