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(SCO Unix)I can't find crypt

Most (all?) of SCO's release notes state that due to American government restrictions aimed at trying to prevent unfriendly nations from having access to data encryption technology, SCO does not ship crypt with their products.

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Simplified SCO_OSR5 Printing  
- Although this article strongly references SCO Unix printing, the background and trouble-shooting tips are valuable on any Unix/Linux platform. -

They're b-a-a-a-ack..  
- SCO keeps trying and trying. What was that definition of insanity? Oh yeah: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. -

Interesting thread (ls vs. ls -l) - lessons for newsgroups  
- ls vs. ls -l - Why did "ls" work but "ls -l" hung and froze? There are a lot of bad guesses and poor troubleshooting techniques to be seen in the thread. -

Converting SCO to Linux  
- Converting SCO to Linux: Self defense for SCO users, SCO/Linux Transition Guide,How can I mount a SCO file system in Linux or vice-versa?. -

More bad news for SCO  
- Poor SCO. The 'millions of lines' of code never turned up, but if they had, it might not matter anyway. Apparently USL had to agree a long time ago that most of it was free to redistribute. The funniest part of this link is the 'SCO declined to comment on this story'. -

SCO Blames losses on competitive pressures  
- SCO blamed the revenue decrease on competitive pressures and a major drop in the company's effort to license its Unix intellectual property. Ayup. I'm sure it had nothing to do with that stupid lawsuit. -

Determining clients IP address by service and PID  
- I wrote this thing several years ago for use with a program where I needed to know a client's IP address, given the TCP service on which they were connected and the program's PID -

SCO Web site defaced  
- Sco was using Linux when this happened, but now eat their own dogfood (apparently). -

Microsoft proprietary information in SCO  
- What on earth could Microsoft have that is proprietary with tuning the SCO kernel? -

Waiting too long to upgrade  
- By delaying the upgrade beyond a safe time, we got into a mess of old hardware and old software. -

- I'm against SCO's attempt to shore up the bottom line via their 'Linux stole our code' lawsuits. -

Popper Fix for SCO 5.0.7  
- When we installed OpenServer 5.0.7, we found that there was a problem with the popper. It was leaving files in the /tmp directory after each person had popped their email. -

SCOoffice Mail Server  
- This is a repackaging of the Linux Bynari product. I have to wonder why you'd want to run this on SCO when you have that better option?? -

SCO's City to City Tour  
- SCO used to have quarterly regional meetings for resellers and end-users, but they don't come around for dog and pony shows too often any more. -

Old SCO licenses  
- Another reseller who wanted to get 5.0.4 user bump licenses for SCO ran into roadblocks at SCO so found a way around it. -

How to make money with Open Source  
- I kept asking the same question: "How am I suppose to make money with Linux"? and getting no intelligible answers. -

A remote upgrade with rcp  
- When I do upgrades, I like to use new hardware. First, it's often a good time to bring in a new server: in the small business market, upgrades tend to be delayed for as long as possible, so the old OS is probably running on very old hardware too. -

SCO Marketplace and Skunkware  
- SCO's Skunkware has always ben somewhat of a disappointment. While it does fulfill the promise of binary ports of third party software, the ports have often been horribly out of date and also often suffer from undocumented dependencies that frustrate the non-technical user who just wants to update his Sendmail or Apache. -

Contrasting opinions on SCO and Monterey deal  
- Groklaw insists that SCO knew this all along, and offers some of SCO's own web pages as proof. The web pages in question have disappeared from SCO's site. -

LOD Communications, Inc.
Finally SCO understands the problem - sort of  
- SCO has needed this for some time, though most of us are thinking that it's a little late to be pushing on that barn door. -

Is SCO backing off on Linux litigation?  
- Attendees have been exhorting SCO to spend less time on litigation and more time on operating system improvements. Are they listening? -

How can i mount a ISO Image CD ?   2010/07/10 TonyLawrence
- You have an image of a CD or perhaps of a floppy disk and need to mount it as a filesystem (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, SCO, Solaris). -

Mounting Xenix Filesystem with Linux  
- It's 2004, folks. Yet here we have someone trying to mount a Xenix filesystem. Well, mounting SCO filesystems under Linux isn't easy. -

Opinions vs. Hopes  
- Opinions vs. Hopes: What those who get so angry about this fail to understand is the difference between hope and opinion. I HOPE SCO loses. I'm not qualified to have an opinion on whether or not they will. -

Why is SCO OSR5 Unix so ancient?  
- When you don't move with the times, the times do keep on moving anyway and where does that leave you, SCO Unix? -

Replacing hard drive  
- This poster wants to replace a SCO OSR5 secondary scsi drive with a larger version -

Misunderstanding partitions and divisions  
- Misunderstanding partitions and divisions. Linux systems usually break hard drives up into multiple FDISK partitions, each of which will be a file system, SCO does it quite differently. -

Using clri to reset an inode problem  
- This is an interesting post about someone who had a directory entry pointing at an unallocated inode. Usually those things get fixed by the system itself when it reboots -

Groklaw reports SCO not developing Unix  
- A consultant says SCO is getting out of the Unix business. Yeah, though not necessarily by choice! -

Transfer SCO Acucobol to Linux  
- The customer also told me that everything was written in Acucobol, and that he had source code too, and he had already bought Acucobol run-time for Linux -

SCO Roadmap  
- SCO Announces Broad Array of New Unix Products, Channel Support and Training Programs -

SCO Lawsuits drag on  
- Isn't it sad that this stupid lawsuit just drags on and on? I know they feel they have to do it, but sheesh: enough already! -

Self defense for SCO users  
- If you are running a SCO system, it's long past time to get serious about protecting yourself. -

Time to dump SCO?  
- So is it time to dump SCO if you are still running it? -

Install SCO OpenServer under VMware Workstation   2015/03/05 TonyLawrence
- Although it may take some finagling, you can virtualize SCO Open Server systems. -

Detailed procedure for installation of VNC on OpenServer  
- Detailed procedure for installation of VNC onOpenServer -

Replacing SCO 5.05 older machine with new server   2012/11/27 thelastSCOzombiedealerinamerica
- Sooner or later, you will be faced with having to replace a failed SCO Unix server or updating to a newer server. -

Unixware and the Open Server Kernel Personality  
- Open Server Kernel Personality allows existing OpenServer 5.0.x applications to run unmodified under the UnixWare7 environment. -

Using the spooler to print to email  
- First define a new spooler destination using the dumb interface script and /dev/null for the device. Give your new spooler destination a name - I called mine email displaying a deficit of imagination. Next, change directory to /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces and edit email if that's what you called it. I use and like vi for editing but you can use whatever editor you like. Finally, I added a line, changing the FILTER to get the emailing done. -

SCO's custom problems  
- SCO's custom is amazingly bad software. "Unable to start software manager. Possibly because it is already in use" -

Transferring to new hardware with a Supertar  
- Transferring iUnix and Linux to new hardware with a Supertar is easy, but extra work is needed for some hardware changes. -

clfree panic and no logins at console  
- All serial printers suddenly stopped workingand a 'PANIC: clfree - Free block ' message appeared on the console screen. They power cycled; system 'went dead' after the fsck - no logins. -

WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way  
- WINDOWS NETWORKING: Doing It the Samba Way. The majority of businesses have at least a couple of PC's running Windows, which means Microsoft networking seems to be as unavoidable as death and taxes. -

- List Open Files. This is much more than it sounds like. It is similar to 'fuser', but has much more power. I often use it to find processes using specific network ports -

SCO Apologist  
- One immediate assumption was that any SCO reseller is a SCO apologist: we'd defend SCO's actions and would be a big fan of SCO Unix. That's dead wrong -

SCO Road Show   2012/07/06 TonyLawrence
- SCO goes out to talk to the very few resellers it has left and hires some muscle to protect themselves. -

Intellectual Property  
- You see that phrase a lot now, and I think you'll be seeing a lot more of it. If this were the 50's and Joe McCarthy was still hunting communists, he'd be jumping on this too, because that's really what's going on right now: concentrated wealth fighting the very socialistic onslaught of Linux. -

A simple script for adding SCO users  
- One day I was adding a user to my customers system - I must have been tired - I had forgotten one of the steps and had wasted about an hour figuring it out. Frustrated, I muttered to myself 'There *must* be a better way!'. -

Copyright vs. SCO license demands  
- Reading a copy of a book is not illegal: it's the act of copying it that violates the copyright - can that apply to code? -

Distortions and a chirp from Australia (SCO Lawsuit)  
- I'm not going to say much about it here except to point out that this bit of weasely quoting doesn't do much for SCO's credibility -

Some common Unix network ports on my server and what they mean  
- One of the rules of thumb for system security is to turn off the ports you don't need. It had never really concerned me, as my Unix box is behind a router and the router doesn't forward any ports except for a couple I have specifically allowed. -

IPU's vs. Fresh Installs  
- n-Place OS Upgrades can ruin your day. I'm talking about is upgrades that appear to be succesful, but have actually introduced subtle problems. -

Watch those domain names  
- Piggybacking on someone else's domain may work for sending mail, but can suddenly break, too. -

Black Markets  
- If large companies assert patents against Linux, rewriting code isn't necessarily an option. What then? -

Keyboard trackball erratic  
- The mouse was all over the place and I tried every variation I could think of based -

OSS656B important for SCO 5.0.7  
- An important patch for those running SCO 5.0.7. A better 'patch' would be to switch to Linux, but.. -

Printing to a remote printer with a dynamic address  
- You have a PC at home and you make some sort of connection over the internet to your server, but your application needs to print to your PC. -

SCO Lawsuit  
- I could stomach that much more easily if the OS were like Mac OS X: whatever goofy ease of stuff use you want on top, just give me Unix underneath and I'm happy. -

SCO Openserver release 5.0.7  
- Assuming you cannot run Linux, there is a lot to like in the 5.0.7 release of SCO Openserver. Too bad it's not free. -

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