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I've seen the same thought expressed in just about every ROR book and article I've read, and it's complete nonsense. Anyone who has ever created a medium size website certainly should understand the concept of separating content from presentation, and that's the basis of ROR's MVC (Model, View, Controller). Your raw content will be under "views", definitions and code will be under "controllers", and "models" defines database data. The only other thing you need to understand before starting in is "migrations", which is simply ROR's version control system for your database.

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Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Website  
- Another good intro to Ruby on Rails, review of Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Website by Patrick Lenz -

- "RailSpace" is a tutorial that leads you through building an imaginary application with Ruby on Rails -

The Ruby Way (Second Edition)  
- The author here states flat out that "The Ruby Way" is more of a reference, though it isn't really quite that either. He describes it as an "inverted reference" - in other words, more of a "cook book" style book. -

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